Udaariyaan 20th September 2021 Written Update: Fateh confronts Tejo


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The episode starts with Fateh tasting the pakode made by Jasmine and worrying what if Jasmine served the same Pakode to dad’s friends. He goes inside the house excusing himself from his friends. Fathers friends spill the pakode and says that they never ate such a horrible pakode. Kushbeer’s friends eat the pakode and praise Jasmine. Fateh gets surprised seeing this. Jasmine asks Kushbeer’s friends gift. Biji comes there and reveals that Tejo made that pakode to save Kushbeer’s reputation. A FB shows. Jasmine leaves to talk with Sweety over phone. In the meantime Tejo makes pakode and exchanges it with the one made by Jasmine. FB ends. Biji says that Jasmine can’t fool her like others. Mayi brings the pakode made by Jasmine. Nimmo tastes it and spills it. Biji scolds Jasmine that she can’t even make a tasty pakode and thankfully Tejo saved Jasmine from getting insuledt. Jasmine runs from there crying. Fateh sees everything and leaves. Biji, Gurpreet, Mayi and Nimmo put their hands together and smile.

Fateh comes to Jasmine and wipes her tears saying that she at least tried. Jasmine says to Fateh that his family doesn’t see she burned her hand while making pakode. Fateh gets worried. Jasmine says that one hand her family wants her to prove herself other hand they don’t care about her presence, nothing can change until Tejo is there. She has done everything intentionally to insult her. Fateh says that Tejo saved his family and Jasmine’s reputation. Jasmine argues with Fateh. She says that Tejo could have told her how to make pakode instead of making it by herself. Jasmine says that they all know that she can’t cook, but still Biji asked her to cook everything alone. Fateh angrily leaves from there.

Fateh goes to his family. They tell him to have dinner. Fateh refuses saying that he has come to talk to them. He says that he doesn’t like the way they treat Jasmine just because she doesn’t know cooking. Biji says that Tejo cooks for all of them then why Jasmine can’t do. Fateh says that Jasmine at least tried to cook and even burned her hand while doing so to make them happy. They don’t like them. He requests them to stop insulting Jasmine and comparing her with Tejo. Kushbeer says that Fateh forgot whatever Tejo did for him and this family and he thinks only about Jasmine. Fateh says that Tejo made place in their hearts and influences them. Kushbeer shouts at Fateh and reminds him that he’s talking to his dad. He says to Tejo that she wanted to leave the house for Fateh, who argues with him. Kushbeer leaves from there Gurpreet takes Fateh from there.

Tejo goes to kushbeer and asks why he left the dinning table, why he gives importance to Jasmine. She also wants the same. Kushbeer says that Fateh has become like Jasmine by staying with her. Gurpreet takes Fateh to Jasmine and warns him to not misbehave with Kushbeer again. Tejo requests Kushbeer to come to have food for her sake. Kushbeer agrees. Gurpreet says that Fateh didn’t yet understand how Tejo saved Kushbeer’s reputation in front of his friends. Gurpreet says that she supported Fateh in spite of him being at fault, but she won’t tolerate any insult against her husband and this family. She warns Jasmine to not try to create problem between Fateh and Kushbeer.

Jasmine blames Tejo for everything and says that she’s breaking Fateh’s relation with everyone in the family and making her lower in everyone’s eyes. Tejo created a wall between Fateh and his family, so that he can return to her. Fateh asks why Tejo would do like that. Jasmine says that Tejo loves him and wants to take him back. Fateh recalls all the happenings and thinks that maybe Jasmine is right, he trusted Tejo lot.

Fateh goes to Tejo’s room and confronts her. He asks Tejo what game she’s playing. He says that she put the dead rat in the pipe, don’t dare to lie since he has met the person from whom she bought the rat. He says that he can’t believe that Tejo can stoop so low. She instigated Biji first to ask Jasmine to make pakode alone then she entered the kitchen and made pakode by herself to impress everyone. She signed the divorce papers then she tore it apart. Why she’s doing all this. Tejo says that Fateh can’t see the truth as he is blinded by Jasmine’s love. Fateh asks Tejo to admit that she can’t see him with Jasmine, she loves him, so she wants him back. Tejo shuts his mouth and says him to stop giving more importance to himself. She clarifies that she wanted to see how he lives with Jasmine. Jasmine is her sister and she knows her better. She already told him that Jasmine is his life’s biggest mistake and wanted to see the consequences of his mistake. Tejo says that Fateh doesn’t deserve her love. She couldn’t see his loyalty, but wants to see him repenting. Fateh asks Tejo to come out of her dream and says that he is happy with Jasmine. Tejo says that his happiness is like bubbles and it will soon burst, then he will realize who is playing game, why and with whom. She advises him to collect empty bottles so that he can vent out his pain by breaking it against the wall. She asks him to get out from her room. Fateh leaves. Tejo sits down crying. Simar calls Tejo.

Simran says to Buzzo that Tejo isn’t answering her call since four days and worries for Tejo. She requests Buzzo to go and find out if Tejo is fine. Buzzo agrees. The next day Tejo is recalling Fateh’s words. She sees Fateh receiving gifts from the delivery boy for Jasmine. She recalls Fateh bringing gifts for her. Mayi takes Tejo to help her in her project. Fateh puts flowers and gifts on the bed and hopes Jasmine will get happy on seeing this. Tejo sees this and feels bad. Mayi asks Tejo to rest, they will do project later. Buzzo comes to meet Tejo and asks Mayi if she can meet Tejo. Mayi says that Tejo is in the kitchen. Buzzo goes to the kitchen. Tejo cries recalling Fateh’s words. Tejo sees Buzzo and wipes her tears. She says Buzzo to apologize to Simran on her behalf as she can’t answer her calls, she doesn’t know what to speak. Buzzo says that Tejo is very courageous as she is able to smile after what happened. He asks how she is able to see Fateh and Jasmine together.

Buzzo further says that Tejo cared lot for Fateh and his family. She loved Fateh lot. Tejo cries remembering Fateh’s words. Buzzo consoles Tejo hugging her. Fateh sees this and gets furious. Gurpreet also comes there and sees this. She recalls Fateh’s accusation on Tejo. Gurpreet says to Fateh that she should have trusted him. She doesn’t have any doubt now after seeing this with her own eyes. Tejo and Buzzo notice Fateh and Gurpreet and look shocked.

The episode ends.

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