Udaariyaan 21st July 2022 Written Update: Family learns about the death of Tejo’s unborn baby


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The episode starts with doctor telling Rupy and Satti that Tejo got her memory back, but she doesn’t remember whatever happened after her accident. Rupy and Satti are shocked to hear this. Rupy and Satti see police taking Fateh. Rupy asks the inspector where they are taking Fateh. The inspector says that Tejo complained that Fateh ignited the fire. Fateh tells Rupy that Tejo has a misunderstanding that he ignited the fire. He asks Rupy to clarify everything to Tejo. Fateh leaves with police hoping that Rupy will explain everything to Tejo.

At Virks, the family is talking about bringing Fateh and Tejo back home. Just then Kushbeer receives Fateh’s call. Fateh tells that Tejo got her memory back. He further says that he is in the police station as Tejo misunderstood that he tried to kill her. Kushbeer is shocked to hear this and tells about the same to his family. At the hospital Tejo says to Satti and Rupy that Fateh and Jasmine tried to kill her, she saw them. Satti says that she must have a misconception. She tells about how Fateh fought with them and with his own family for Tejo.

Other hand Fateh is in the jail remembering Tejo. He strongly believes that Tejo can never hate her. Here Tejo says that it’s not any misconception. She saw Fateh and Jasmine together many times and they all aware that Fateh loved Jasmine. She accepted and moved on. She says that she forgave all their misdeeds, but she can’t forgive killing her child shocking Rupy and Satti. Tejo says that she was pregnant with Fateh’s child and they killed her child. Just then Virks arrive there and stand shocked hearing this. Tejo cries hugging Gurpreet and she faints. Mahi goes to bring doctor.

Jasmine returns home and asks Dadi if she got Rupy’s call about Tejo. Dadi says that Tejo got her memory back. She wonders how Tejo reached in the same warehouse and how the fire accident happened. Jasmine asks who informed her about this. Dadi says that Rupy told. Jasmine is scared of her crime getting exposed.

Satti and Gurpreet cry over Tejo losing her baby. In the police station, Fateh gets released as there is no any proof against him. Fateh is desperate to meet Tejo and clear her misunderstanding. At the Sandhus, Jasmine urges to go and meet Tejo. Just then Rupy they get Jasmine’s call. Jasmine asks Rupy about Tejo. Rupy says that Tejo doesn’t remember anything happened after her accident and says that she has a misconception that Fateh and Jasmine tried to kill her. Jasmine drops the phone.

There Fateh reaches the hospital. Here Jasmine puts up an emotional act in front of the family. She sends Lovely and Harman to the hospital and asks to update her about Tejo’s health. There Rupy questions Fateh. He asks why he didn’t tell about Tejo’s pregnancy despite knowing about it. Fateh says that he didn’t know this, he got to know in London from Tanya. He further says that Amrik died so he hid the truth from them as he wanted to reduce their pain. Fateh gets determined to talk to Tejo and clear her misconception. Rupy says that Tejo only remembers that Fateh and Jasmine tried to kill her. Fateh thinks that the fire caught in the same warehouse and suspects Jasmine to be behind this.

Fateh comes to Sandhus house and takes Jasmine with him. There Satti asks doctor when Tejo will remember whatever happened after the accident. Doctor says that they can’t say it. She advises them to try to force her to remind it. Here Fateh brings Jasmine to the warehouse. Fateh lights a fire in a stick shocking Jasmine.

The episode ends.

Fateh scares Jasmine with the fire torch. Tejo returns home. Fateh says to Satti that Tejo’s will realize his innocence and says that he will wait for that.

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