Udaariyaan 21st March 2022 Written Update: Tejo and Fateh in sorrow


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The episode starts with with Tejo and Fateh being in their respective house and getting sad remembering Rupy’s words. Jasmine comes to Tejo. The latter gets glad on seeing Jasmine. Tejo finds Jasmine elated and asks the reason for her happiness. Jasmine says that she told Amrik the truth and he forgave her. Tejo gets elated on hearing this and hugs Jasmine. She thinks that she can now tell Fateh the truth. She further thinks that if Fateh getw to know the truth from anyone else’s it will get worst.

Fateh feels headache and looks for medicine. He finds Jasmine’s letter. He sees the headache tablets. He puts the letter back in the drawer. He takes the medecin. Tejo asks Jasmine if Amrik read her letter. Jasmine says that he must have read the letter, so he forgave her. She says that he asked her to forgot the past and have a new start. They laugh. Jasmine thanks Tejo for motivating her to tell the truth. She says that Amrik really loves her, he forgave her as Tejo told. Tejo says that now it’s her turn to tell Fateh the truth, she can’t hide it anymore.

Jasmine remembers Fateh’s words. Jasmine says to Tejo to not tell Fateh or a anyone the truth now since the family still doesn’t trust her. She says that she will tell everyone truth once she will win family’s trust. Jasmine says that she’s aware it’s not easy for Tejo to lie to Fateh whom she loves. She requests to give her some time. Tejo says that she understands her point and assures Jasmine that she won’t tell Fateh the truth. Jasmine realizes that Tejo is sad and asks what happened, if she is worried about Fateh.

Amrik comes to Fateh and asks if he is fine. Fateh says that nothing, he has headache, he will better after resting a while. Amrik leaves. Amrik thinks that Fateh hides something. He wonders whether he’s not tensed about Tejo. Other hand Tejo says that Rupy refused to forgive Fateh and they can’t get married until he forgives Fateh. Amrik thinks that Tejo must know what is the problem. He remembers that Jasmine has gone to meet Tejo. He decides to text her to ask Tejo about it. Here Jasmine receives April’s message. Jasmine reads it and thinks that Fateh is also worried about the same reason.

Jasmine says to Tejo to give time to Rupy. He says things in anger, but he has a big heart. He can’t see her sad for long time. He will soon realize her love for Fateh and will forgive him. Tejo smile. Jasmine says that Rupy forgave her inspite of all her mistakes. But it’s true Tejo was with her. She may can’t stand with her, but she will pray for her. Tejo sees a plane going and notifies to Jasmine. The remembers Fateh’s deceiving her. She says to Tejo to not remind her the dream which spoiled everything and made her separate Tejo. She feels angry and wonders how she can dream about something which only gave pain to others.

Tejo says that her dream isn’t wrong, but the way she chose to fulfill was wrong. She says that she believes that she will fulfill her dream one day. Jasmine says that a new to get her and Fateh married. Ruoy says that her dream will remain only dream. He says to Jasmine to handle the second life she got and says her to not get involved in this and spoil Tejo and his mind. Tejo says to Rupy to get upset with Jasmine. She will make her understand. Tejo says to Jasmine to promise her to not do anything. She says that if Rupy wants to forgive Fateh, he will do it by himself else she’s happy like this.

In the night Sandhu have dinner. Satti asks Rupy why he stays angry. He made Jasmine leave by scolding her. She adds that he did very wrong with Fateh in Gurudwara. Rupy says that Fateh deserves this and she should feel thankful that he hasn’t raised his hand on Fateh. Dadi supports Fateh and says that Fateh just wanted to apologize to him. Rupy throws the plate and angrily leaves from there. Family goes after him to convince him. Tejo gets sad and sits to make roti. Rupy shouts that they all forgot that Fateh spoiled Tejo’s life. He says that he won’t spare Fateh the next time he will come in front of him. Satti asks Rupy if he has noticed Tejo’s sadness.

Satti asks when Tejo forgave Fateh then why they can’t. She reminds Rupy that Tejo loves Fateh. Here Tejo receives Fateh’s call. He asks if she’s alone and how the situation there. Tejo says that it’s not good. Fateh wonders when it will better. Fateh says that they will meet in their dream. Tejo sees that the roti gets overcooked. She burns her finger while removing it from the tava. Fateh comes to Tejo and sucks her finger. He says that he gave her lot of pain and can’t see her in pain anymore. He sits to make roti. They laugh. Tejo’s aunt comes out to Tejo calling out her name which breaks Tejo’s dream.

Gurpreet says to Amrik to go for shopping and gets clothes for himself and Jasmine since it’s their first holi. Simran and Buzzo comes there and meet them. Jasmine says that it’s Simran and Buzzo ‘s first joli too. They will celebrate it grantly. They discuss about it. Biji is happy that there is happiness in the house after long time. Mahi says that they will celebrate holi grantly and will invite Tejo and their family. Amrik asks Jasmine why she looks sad. Jasmine says that she also wants Tejo and Fateh to celebrate holi together, but what if Rupy doesn’t forgive Fateh before holi. Fateh hears this.

At Sandhu ladies discuss about holi preparation. Wadi wants to invite Jasmine and the Burks for holi dinner. Satti says that she doesn’t think Rupy will agree and she doesn’t want any fight during holi. Tejo heard this and says that she also doesn’t want Fateh to get insulted again after what happened in Gurudwara. She says to invite Jasmine since it’s her first holi. She will phone Fateh and will ask him to not come here.

Otheru hand Mahi asks Fateh which color she should apply him. Fateh says anything as anything is colorless for him. Gurpreet says to Fateh to come with her. Satti stops Tejo and says that she understands her feelings and says to have faith on God. He will do something.

Here Gurpreet says to Fateh that she will talk to Rupy. Fateh refuses. He says that he can bear his insult, but not her or Kushbeer’s. He says that Rupy is mad at him. He didn’t forgave him despite of trying hard. Tejo says to Satti that Rupy is helpless with his hatred while Fateh is helpless with his love. She says that they both are important for her. She does not know what to do. Fateh says to Gurpreet that he doesn’t know what to do. He can’t live without Tejo. Satti says to Tejo to believe in God. Tejo says that she also left everything in God’s hands.

Fateh is sad remembering Rupy’s words. Buzzo comes to Fateh. He says to Fateh to not give him and if it needed to go and stand in front of Rupy’s house. Fateh gets happy. She hugs Buzzo thanking him.

The episode ends.

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