Udaariyaan 21st September 2022 Written Update: Nehmat gets praised for her article


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The episode starts with Randawan feeling guilty recalling Fateh-Tejo’s accident. On the other hand, Nehmat looks at Fateh-Tejo’s photos and videos. She misses them and cries. At Ekam’s house, Ekam is shown doing exercises. Nehmat returns home and meets Rupy and Harman. Rupy asks where she’s coming from in the early morning. Nehmat refuses to say and asks them to read her article in the college magazine. Rupy says that, like Tejo, Nehmat also can’t lie. At Ekam’s house, Ekam asks Mallika where she’s coming from. Mallika ask Ekam to ask Nehmat about it. Just then, they hear their parents fighting. Mallika says that they’re fighting again. She asks what happened 16 years ago. Ekam says that he doesn’t know and dad doesn’t want to say. 

Nehmat says to Naaz to read her article in the college magazine. She gets ready to leave for college. Naaz asks her to wait. Nehmat says that she’s getting late and leaves. Naaz smiles and says that Nehmat is going to meet Ekam. Nehmat and Ekam are on their way in the Jeep. Ekam asks Nehmat where Nehmat and Mallika went in the early morning. Nehmat says that it’s a secret and says that Ekam will feel proud when he learns it. Nehmat sees a boy driving his car too fast. Nehmat chases him and starts to fight with him. Ekam holds Nehmat, trying to stop Nehmat. That boy drives off to escape from Nehmat. Ekam says some poetic lines to cheer up Ekam. They drive off. 

At the college, Nehmat and Mallika’s friend read Nehmat and Mallika’s article which exposes the professor who tried to take advantage of Naaz in the name of extra classes. The friends praise Nehmat and Mallika for their article. A FB shows how Nehmat and Mallika spread garbage in front of that professor’s house and how they recorded his video when he fell in the garbage. Naaz’s friend also reads Nehmat and Mallika’s article and says to Naaz that she was saved from that professor because of Nehmat. Naaz sees the college’s rich guy, Rony, inviting Nehmat to his birthday party. Nehmat says that she will attend the party along with her boyfriend, Ekam. Rony agrees. Naaz tries to talk to Rony to get an invitation to his birthday party. But he receives a call and walks away. Naaz’s friend tells her hat Rony invites only his gang. Naaz gets determined to go to Rony’s party. 

Ekam and Nehmat discuss Nehmat’s article about the professor. Ekam is worried that Nehmat might get in some trouble one day because of her bravery. Nehmat recalls a FB. 

The child, Nehmat, is crying and complains to Fateh that Tejo scolded her for fighting with a boy who had teased her. Fateh pacifies Nehmat and says that he will handle it. FB ends. Nehmat says to Ekam that he is there to handle her. 

Mallika comes to Nehmat’s house and they are talking. Naaz arrives there. She acts nice and gives her earrings to Nehmat, saying that they will be a perfect match for her dress. She asks if she can accompany Nehmat to the party, as the one invited can take one person with them. Nehmat says that she is going with Ekam, but Mallika doesn’t have anyone to accompany her. Mallika says that she also has someone. Nehmat asks who he is. Mallika says that secrets are shared only with her best friends. Nehmat takes Mallika aside and asks who is accompanying her to the party. Mallika says that no one, she lied to avoid taking Naaz to the party. Nehmat feels bad for Naaz and asks Mallika to take her with her. But Mallika refuses and reminds her that Naaz took extra classes with the professor whom they exposed and if she comes to the party, everyone will gossip about it. Nehmat agrees with Mallika. Naaz overhears their talk. She gets determined to attend that party. 

The episode ends

Precap: Nehmat and Ekam spend a moment together. Naaz gets entry to Rony’s birthday party with the help of Ekam’s mom who is Rony’s mom’s friend. 

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