Udaariyaan 22nd November 2021 Written Update: Angad gets worried on receiving a call


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The episode starts with Tejo stumbling and Angad holding her. Angad cracks a joke and Tejo smile. Fateh looks on. The choreographer asks Angad-Tejo to keep practicing and asks who is next. Jasmine says that she and Fateh will dance next, but Fateh refuses. Angad cheers up Fateh. He asks Fateh to show some excitement, the surprise is for after wedding and asks to show some romance and now. Angad brings Fateh to the center. Jasmine says that whether romance or dance, they have to show that they’re the best. Fateh dances with Jasmine while Angad dances with Tejo.

Angad gets a call from Rose wood international and gets worried. He answers it and asks to handle two minutes. He says to Tejo that it’s a very important call and leaves to talk. Tejo looks confused and hopes that everything is fined. Angad talks to a lady over phone. The lady says that the kid refused to have food since two days.

Angad asks to talk to the chilld. The lady gives the phone to the child. Angad says the child that it’s important to have food. The child refuses to eat and says that she i’s upset with Angad as he doesn’t come to meet her. Angad says that dad loves her so much. The child says that it’s a lie, if he loves her, then why he doesn’t come to meet her, every time he promises to come to meet her, but he doesn’t come. Angad says that this time he will definitely come and asks her to have food. The child firmly refuses to eat until he comes and leaves giving the phone to the lady.

Angad requests the lady to convince the child to have food. The lady agrees and says that the child wants to meet him and she always asks when he will come. Angad says that she knows that he doesn’t have permission to meet her. He asks the lady to make her believe that he will come to meet her very soon. Tejo arrives there and overhears this. Angad further says that he will see what he can till the next court hearing. He disconnects the call and gets sad recalling losing his wife in a car accident. Tejo thinks that Angad is hiding a big secret behind his smile.

Jasmine thanks Mayi and says that she’s excited seeing her excited for Mehndi and Sangeet. Mayi says that the whole family is excited. Jasmine says that she is happy that they’re happy for them and says that they should dance and not let anyone to take the dance floor. Mayi leaves. Fateh arrives asks Jasmine why she called women and dhol players.

Jasmine says that she called them and she has done all arrangements alone and she doesn’t regret it. Fateh says that they two will be in their mehndi and Sangeet and why she wasted money for this. Jasmine says that family will attend their mehndi and sangeet and Mayi told that they are excited. Jasmine asks Fateh to get ready fast. Jasmine goes to get ready.

Fateh and Jasmine arrive. Jasmine asks Fateh how is the decorations. Fateh says that it’s very nice and asks where are others. Jasmine says that she saw that they’re getting ready. Jasmine asks the man to play dhol. Jasmine dances with Fateh. Family members arrive there getting ready. Fateh and Jasmine get happy seeing them. Kushbeer asks the dhol to stop. Jasmine thanks them for participating in their Sangeet and expresses her joy. She calls them to dance.

Candy arrives and says that they’re getting late. They all get ready to leave. Jasmine stops them and asks where they’re going leaving their son’s sangeet. Simran says there is another party at her house and they’re going there. Jasmine asks why they would party as Tejo and Angad’s engagement is the next day. Gurpreet says that Rupy wanted to do a function there for Tejo’s happiness and they’re going there. Biji calls Fateh and gives him money and asks to give it to anyone after his bridal got mehndi applied in hand. They leave. Jasmine and Fateh look on sadly.

At Sandhu’s house, all are celebrating. Meanwhile Jasmine angrily throws everything saying that mehndi and sangeet won’t happen. Fateh holds Jasmine trying to calm her down. The ladies who has come to apply mehndi demand money for wasting their money. Jasmine refuses and shouts at them.

Fateh gives them money. The lady scolds Jasmine and leaves. Angad arrives there with a flower bouquet. Biji praises Tejo’s beauty. Kushbeer asks Tejo where Angad is. Tejo says that he must be on the way. Jasmine yells at Angad. Fateh asks Jasmine to behave. Jasmine says to Fateh to insult her as his family insulted her and left to Tejo’s house to party. She says that Tejo sent her fiance to witness them getting insulted. Jasmine says that no one is there in their sangeet while Tejo is celebrating with everyone. Angad asks where, at Tejo’s house. Jasmine says Angad to not say that his real engagement’s party isn’t here, but there. Angad looks on.

Tejo is dancing with the family members. Angad arrives there. Tejo and all get happy on seeing him. Fateh and Jasmine come there too. Tejo and everyone look on.

The episode ends.