Udaariyaan 22nd September 2022 Written Update: Ekam and Nehmat play a game


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The episode starts with Ekam teaching dance steps to Nehmat. Nehmat can’t follow the dance steps. She gets annoyed. She says that she doesn’t know how to dance and is about to walk away. Ekam drags Nehmat close and starts to romance. They share a moment while Udaariyaan’s title track plays in the BG.

Naaz does Ekam’s mom’s hairstyle. Ekam’s mom thanks Naaz and appreciates her talent. She asks what dress she’s going to wear for Rony’s party. Naaz says that she wasn’t invited. Ekam’s mom asks Naaz to go with Nehmat or Mallika. Naaz says that Nehmat is taking Ekam with her, while Mallika doesn’t want to take her with her. Ekam’s mom says that she will do something. Naaz smiles as her trick worked again.

At the Sandhus’ house, Nehmat and Mallika are getting ready for the party. Naaz intentionally breaks Mallika’s heel to take revenge on her for not wanting her to take her to the party. Mallika comes decked up. She tries her heels. She falls and Nehmat holds her. Meanwhile, Naaz is getting her hairstyle done by Shelly. She recalls how she acquired the invitation to the party with the help of Ekam’s mom. Here Nehmat offers her sandals to wear, but Mallika says that they won’t suit her dress. Nehmat tries to convince her. Just then Naaz comes there decked up. Nehmat and Naaz are stunned to see Naaz and ask where she’s going. Naaz says that she’s also going to Rony’s birthday party as she was invited by Rony’s mom. Naaz leaves. Mallika becomes angry and refuses to attend the party. Nehmat refuses to go to the party without Mallika. 

At the party, Ekam is waiting for Nehmat. Naaz arrives at the party. She tells Ekam that Nehmat won’t come to the party as Mallika’s heel was broken. So, she asks Ekam to come with her inside. Ekam refuses as she is sure that Nehmat will come to the party as she promised him. He says that he has full trust in Nehmat and his love. Naaz decides to wait with Ekam. Nehmat arrives at the party. Ekam smiles, looking at Nehmat. They share a hug and Ekam kisses Nehmat’s forehead while Naaz glares them. 

Nehmat, Ekam and Mallika wish Rony a happy birthday. Naaz wishes Rony a happy birthday and tries to talk to him, but he ignores her. Naaz is surprised to find her friends at the party. They say to Naaz that they have convinced Rony to invite them. On the other hand, a girl tries to flirt with Ekam. Mallika complaints to Nehmat that Ekam is talking with a girl when Nehmat isn’t around. Nehmat claims that there’s no place for jealousy in their love. Naaz refuses to accept this. Surprisingly, Mallika also agrees with Naaz. Naaz suggests testing their love. Nehmat and Ekam are asked to pretend to be single till the end of the party and those who will get more contact numbers will be the winner. They agree to play the game. 

Naaz asks Mallika if she doesn’t have any boyfriend to which Mallika says no. Meanwhile Mallika’s mom talks to Randhawa that she got an alliance for Mallika. Randhawa says that Mallika is too young for marriage. She gets angry and says that she wishes to get married Mallika to a good family. She then tells about Ekam and Nehmat relationship and Nehmat being Fateh and Tejo’s daughter. Randhawa gets nervous hearing Fateh and Tejo’s name. At the party, Ekam and Nehmat got same count of contact number. Mallika asks between Ekam and Nehmat who proposed first. Nehmat and Ekam look at each other smiling and remembering their fights in their childhood. 

The episode ends. 

Precap: Nehmat and Ekam dance in the party. Randhawa falls getting a stroke. Ekam’s mom calls Ekam, but he is dancing in the party with Nehmat. 

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