Udaariyaan 22nd September 2023 Written Update: Armaan and Aasman leave for their honeymoon! 

Udaariyaan 22nd September 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Alia fighting with Armaan while he asks her to go back home. Raja comes back home bringing happiness in everyone’s face. Sukhi tells Raja that his son and daughter-in-law proved how much they care for him . Sukhi says that they deserve a gift and gives them two tickets to Shimla for their honeymoon. Armaan says that he can’t take it since he doesn’t earn so he can’t take Aasman anywhere with their money. He would take Aasman somewhere only with his own income. Sukhi says that they can go with his income later but for now he has to leave with these tickets. Armaan shouts at Sukhi and says that he doesn’t care about anybody’s feelings and always imposes his decisions on others. Armaan’s mother ask Aasman to grab this opportunity to get close to her partner .

Next morning Armaan and Aasman reach their hotel. Aasman asks Armaan if he is angry since he was forced to come here. He asks if the room decorations are not too much. Then  they start cleaning the decorations together and smile at each other. Armaan receives a cake with ‘I love you’ written on it. He enquires who sent it . He was shown the next door from where he was sent it. He enters the room and Alia jumps on him on the bed. He asks what she is doing here. Alia asks her the same question . Armaan asks her why she doesn’t understand that Sukhi is imposing things on Armaan. He says to Alia that their marriage is going to get registered and any wrong step would ruin things. He says that he needs to leave now. Alia asks Armaan to have dinner with her at the best restaurant of this place. Armaan agrees while wondering what would he tell Aasman!

Sukhi receives Armaan’s marriage registration papers and asks Rano to keep it safe and leave for his tour. When Rano wonders why Armaan wanted to get their marriage registered, Baby says that it must be done on Aasman’s request. Before entering Armaan’s room he overhears Aasman booking the same restaurant for dinner as Alia did. She asks Armaan to get ready but he says that he has some work and asks her to leave for the restaurant. He says that he would catch up with her in a while. Alia meets Armaan at the restaurant and kisses her. Alia comes in a sexy dress and asks Armaan how she is looking. She says that there’s a surprise for him. Alia shows him the decorations that she did for him and then they start dancing. 

Armaan asks the waiter to stop the music and asks Alia to stop doing these things since he isn’t happy for these things rather he is becoming tense. Alia sits there forcefully and says that no one is going anywhere. Armaan sees Aasman standing outside the restaurant and panics. Aasman waits for Armaan and then thinks of going inside. Armaan convinces Alia to leave for now.She asks him to take a selfie before leaving so they do it .

Recapi : Armaan would be see  fighting with some men at the restaurant for teasing Aasman. 

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