Udaariyaan 23rd August 2022 Written Update: Tejo finds out about Nehmat’s parents


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The episode starts with Tejo receiving Fateh’s call. She asks him to pray that they find Nehmat’s mother. She assures Fateh that Nehmat is with her so that the family doesn’t get attached to her. Fateh is looking for Nehmat’s mother. Virks got from frock for Nehmat. Nimmo says that Tejo’s behavior is weird. She stays inside the room with the baby and doesn’t anyone touch the baby. Tejo is having difficulty calming down crying Nehmat. Gurpreet comes there and gives Tejo tips to calm her down. She praises Tejo for taking care of Nehmat like her real mother.

In Canada, Yash gives Jasmine new clothes and asks her to change them after taking bath. Jasmine hesitates. Yash assures her that his mom won’t say anything. Jasmine goes to the washroom. Here Nehmat cries again. Gurpreet says that the baby is bored being inside the same room. Gurpreet brings Tejo and Nehmat to the hall. Family showers their love on Nehmat. Tejo gets worried about family getting attached to Nehmat and wishes that Fateh returns home soon. There Yash asks Jasmine to wear makeup and jewels. He wishes to click a selfie with her. Jasmine wonders why he is acting nice to her. As Jasmine doesn’t smile, Yash praises her beauty and convinces her to smile. He asks Jasmine to get milk for him. He says that they will celebrate their wedding night. He says that his mom will change and accept her if they have a baby. Jasmine agrees and goes to get milk. Yash says that she will destroy Jasmine by talking sweetly like she does.

At Sandhu’s house, Lovely shows Jasmine and Yash’s photo to Rupy and Satti. Rupy refuses to forgive Jasmine. Satti reminds him that she gave her baby to Tejo before going to Canada. Rupy refuses to believe that Jasmine can ever change. In Canada Jasmine stops when Yash comes closer to her. Yash asks Jasmine to fulfill a wife’s duties. Jasmine taunts saying that Yash didn’t fulfill any of a husband’s duties. He only tortured her ever since they came to Canada. Yash manipulates Jasmine. He promises to fulfill all her dreams. Jasmine hugs Yash.

Tejo recalls the doctor’s words and sends a voice note to Fateh. She says in the voice note that Jasmine must not preplan all this, she must have got the baby bribing with the help of any hospital staff. She asks Fateh to enquire in the hospital and says that she will also enquire in the hospital. Tejo promises Nehmat to be her mother till they find her real mother.

Tejo sees the family happily playing with Nehmat. She thinks of going to the hospital to find out about Nehmat’s real parents. In Canada, Yash scolds Jasmine and asks her to cook. Jasmine thinks that Yash can never change. She takes a knife and goes near him. She is about to stab him. Yash holds Jasmine’s hand. Here in India Tejo comes to the hospital. She spots the nurse who helped in Jasmine’s fake delivery. She confronts the nurse and asks about the baby’s real mother. The nurse says that the baby died immediately after giving birth to her.

Yash says to Jasmine that he knows her tricks. He tells about Jasmine’s all misdeeds and cuts her hand with the knife. He warns her to not mess up with him and leaves. Jasmine cries. Here Tejo requests the nurse to tell about the baby’s father. The nurse writes his details on a paper and gives it to Tejo. Tejo looks shocked.

The episode ends.

Precap: Tejo tells Fateh to reach home fast and says that she learned about Nehmat’s parents. Her mother is dead while her father is… In Jail a man is shown. Jasmine learns that she is pregnant. She says that she doesn’t want to become Yash’s child mother.

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