Udaariyaan 23rd July 2022 Written Update: Rupy reveals the truth to Tejo


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The episode starts with Tejo entering her room and finding it decorated. Fateh is standing outside the Sandhus’ house remembering Tejo. Naina song plays in the BG. Tejo looks at her refection on the mirror and notices her vermillion and mangalsutra. Tejo asks Satti why her room is changed and looks like a kid room. She asks why they all think that she’s speaking normally now and asks if she was someone else. She asks Satti to tell the truth. Satti begins to tell the truth, but Rupy stops her and asks Tejo to rest. Tejo asks about Angad. She asks if they call him and where he is. Rupy avoids answering her questions asking her to rest for now.

Fateh wishes that Tejo’s misunderstanding could be cleared and everything could be fine. He wonders where Jasmine would be now. There Sandhus discuss about Jasmine who is staying in her friend’s house for two days. They thinks that it’s due to Tejo’s misunderstanding and hope that Tejo’s misconception will get cleared soon so that Jasmine can return home. Here Fateh thinks that Jasmine would be still plotting against Tejo. He saw a child is about to get hit by a car. He saves that child and scolds the driver. Tejo wakes up hearing Fateh’s shout. Tejo takes a stick and goes out of the house. Rupy and Satti watch this.

Tejo comes to Fateh and rebukes him. She hits Fateh with the stick accusing him of killing her unborn baby. Rupy and Satti stop Tejo and says that Fateh is innocent. He asks Tejo to trust her dad. He takes her inside. Harman asks Fateh to go home as the situation isn’t right. Rupy tells Tejo that Angad is responsible for whatever happened with Tejo and Fateh and Jasmine aren’t innocent. He says that he is her culprit as he wanted to get her married to Angad. He says that Tejo lost her unborn baby because of Angad and not Fateh and Jasmine.

Angad ignited the fire. Tejo refuses to believe this. She says that Angad is her friend and she was going to marry him. She asks why he would do this. She says that they have a misunderstanding. Rupy denies and says that Angad confessed it by himself in London. He tells everything that happened in London. Tejo says that it means Fateh is innocent. Rupy says yes and adds that Fateh even lost Amril in London and tells about Amrik’s death. Tejo asks how she can forgot her child. Satti that she lost her mental state after her accident and Fateh look after her. Tejo cries after realizing the truth.

Satti applies home remedy on Fateh’s wounds and apologizes on Tejo’s half. Fateh jokes. Just then Jasmine calls Satti. The latter says that Jasmine also become victim of Tejo’s misunderstanding and is staying at Sweety’s house. Fateh says that he will talk to her and asks Satti to wash her hands. Fateh asks Jasmine why she didn’t left from here yet. Jasmine tries to find an excuse to stay. She says that she doesn’t have any changing clothes and asks her time. Fateh refuses. He asks her to leave immediately and threatens to get her arrested. However Jasmine refuses to get scared of Fateh’s threat and gives up.

Simran gets a call from a mysterious man, who asks about Candy. Simran asks who he is. He says that she will get to know soon and hangs the call. Simran gets worried finding the voice familiar. She calls Buzzo to tell about this and calls him. Buzzo is with Fateh. Buzzo shows in video call Fateh and says that Tejo beat him. He asks to call family to show Fateh. The latter asks Buzzo to be quiet. Fateh notices Tejo standing in the balcony crying. He goes to Tejo. He wipes Tejo’s tears.

The episode ends.

Precap: Gurpreet says to Tejo that she married to Fateh. Tejo removes her mangalsutra and hands it to Fateh. She apologizes to Fateh and says that she doesn’t accept this marriage shocking all.

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