Udaariyaan 23rd March 2022 Written Update: Fateh tries hard to convince Rupy


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The episode starts with Jasmine asking the astrologer for any remedy to unite Tejo and Fateh without any problem. Other hand Tejo is angry with Fateh for putting the tent to convince Rupy and scolds him. He says that Rupy doesn’t care about him, but she cares. Fateh says that he can bear heat, rain and everything for Tejo. He says that he won’t give up and will leave until Rupy forgive him. Here the astrologer says Jasmine to make food with pure ghee and offer it to the poor through Fateh’s hand. There Tejo says that she can’t see Fateh in pain. Fateh says that he can bear anything if he can keep seeing Tejo. He requests her to let him do this to convince Rupy. Navraj says to Tejo to come fast before Rupy comes. Fateh holds Tejo and requests her to be always in front of his sight so that he can overcome any difficulty. Tejo says that he is mad and leaves.

Jasmine and Buzzo are discussing about what astrologer told. Jasmine says to Buzzo to keep this matter away from the family. He nods ok. Anagd sees Jasmine with Buzzo. He doubts that Jasmine is doing something and decides to keep an eye on her. At Sandhus Tejo worries about Fateh. She says that Fateh won’t accept food from his house. At virks Jasmine is cooking. Amrik asks if she’s preparing food for Fateh. Jasmine says that Fateh’s food is already packed. She says that she cooking to offer food to the poor so that Tejo and Fateh unite. Family gets happy hearing this.

Gurpreet gives food to Buzzo asking to give it Fateh. Buzzo says that Fateh refused to bring food. Gurpreet asks Buzzo to feed Fateh anyhow. Fateh gets hurt while working. Tejo sees this from window and shouts Fateh. The latter smiles looking at Tejo and assures her that he is fine through hand gestures. Rupy comes back home. Tejo goes inside on seeing Rupy. The latter sees Fateh standing folding his hands. He says that he will see how many more days he will stay here. He goes inside.

Satti says that she feels pity on seeing Fateh. Rupy says that he only feels angry on seeing him. Buzzo and Amrik bring Fateh’s lunch. Fateh refuses. Buzzo says him to offer the food to poors. He agrees. Jasmine and Buzzo come to the temple and offer food to the poors. Buzzo says how he can hide this from his friend. He doesn’t believe in this all. Jasmine says that even Tejo doesn’t believe in this. She hopes that after this Tejo and Fateh’s problem will be solved.

Tejo’s family gives packed food to Tejo and asks to give it to Fateh, who must be starving. Tejo and Navraj see that Rupy sitting at the entrance of the house. Tejo thinks of doing something. Rupy thinks how to make Fateh leave from here. He thinks that Angad loves Tejo and even if Tejo doesn’t love Angad now, she will understand latter that Angad is diamond while Fateh is stone. He phones Angad and invites him home. Angad agrees.

Tejo says to her family that they have to divert Rupy to give food to Fateh. They agree. Buzzo bring food for Fateh, but the latter refuses to have. He says loudly that people should understand his love. Rupy hears this and taunts Fateh. Rupy goes inside hearing music playing. Sandhus drags him to dance saying holi is nearing. The gaurd receives a call and goes apart to talk. Dilraj comes to Fateh and gives tiffin box saying Tejo has sent food for him. Fateh says to Dilraj to say to Tejo to have his part of food too. Tejo sees this and wonders why Fateh is doing like this.

In the night it’s raining. Tejo comes to see Fateh without Rupy’s knowledge. They both get drenched. Fateh says that she shouldn’t have come here and should stay in her house. Tejo says that he should be in his house. Fateh says that it’s his house since she’s with him. Tejo says that she’s scared what if Rupy doesn’t forgive him and doesn’t get her married to him. Fateh says that he is a boxer and will fight till the knockout. Tejo asks if she can leave. Fateh says that he doesn’t want that she leave, but he doesn’t want Rupy get angry on her seeing her here. Tejo gets ready to leave. She slips and Fateh hods her. Rupy sees them together and shouts Tejo.

The episode ends.

Precap: Rupy drags Tejo inside the house and asks her to swear on him that she won’t see or talk to Fateh hereafter. Tejo looks on.

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