Udaariyaan 24th June 2022 Written Update: Tejo saves Fateh’s job


Udaariyaan 24th June 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Jasmine asking the staff why principal called Fateh. The staff says that the college management is agree with Fateh and they can fire him. She further says that there was a time Tejo gave Fateh confidence and made him win the match, but now Fateh lost because of her. Other side Gurpreet says to the family that Fateh shouldn’t have taken Tejo with him to the match. Mayi says that Fateh could lost his job because of Tejo. Meanwhile Fateh defends Tejo and argues with the college management. He says that she was the best teacher in Punjab and got award for the same, but now her condition isn’t good. Being educated people they should support her in this situation.

Jasmine says to Tejo that Fateh getting scolded because of her. Tejo wanted to apologize. Jasmine says her to go to them and apologize. There Fateh admits that he did mistake by bringing Tejo to the match and apologize for that. He says to not say anything against Tejo. Just then Tejo comes there and asks Fateh if he is fine, they didn’t beat him. Fateh denies. Jasmine smirks and says that Fateh will only get insults by staying with Tejo.

Tejo apologizes to the college management. She says that it was her mistake and not Fateh’s. She cries and does sit-ups. Sandhus reach college and witness this. Fateh stops Tejo and hugs. The students request the management to forgive Fateh. The management gives a last warning to Fateh and leaves. Tejo gets happy and hugs Fateh. The staff says to Jasmine that the fact is Tejo loves Fateh very much. Jasmine gets disappointment that her plan flopped.

Rupy apologizes to the college management for what happened. The says that they shouldn’t let Tejo outside until she gets well. Rupy doesn’t agree with him. Fateh takes Tejo to get her ice cream. Jasmine phones Gurpreet and provokes her against Tejo. Fateh cleans Tejo’s feet. Jasmine shows this to Gurpreet through the video call. She hangs the call on seeing Sandhus. Tejo happily says to Sandhus that Fateh got her ice cream. Fateh convinces Tejo to go home with the Sandhus. Jasmine thinks that she will get mad by seeing all this.

Fateh comes back home. Gurpreet taunts Fateh and blames Tejo for Fateh losing his job. Fateh denies it and clarifies that he only got a warning. Gurpreet says that in the future he will lost the job because of Tejo. Gurpreet speaks against Tejo surprising Fateh. She asks Fateh why he brought Tejo with him and asks what if he lost the job he got after lot of efforts. Fateh reminds Gurpreet that he got that job because of Tejo. He says that Tejo always supported them, so he won’t forget all this and won’t leave her side now.

Gurpreet says that everything has limit. She can’t see him going to Tejo in the late night or cleaning her feet. She says that she decided that Fateh go to Tejo hereafter shocking Fateh. Other side Satti and Jasmine talk about Fateh. Jasmine pretend to regret leaving Tejo alone and blame herself for what happened. Satti says that it’s not her fault. Here Fateh refuses to accept Gurpreet decision. He says that Tejo is everything for him and no one can stop him from supporting Tejo. He says that he will do everything to make her well. He says that he is going to Tejo and will live like her. He adds that this is his decision. Family looks on shocked on hearing this.

Fateh comes to Tejo. He makes butterfly using his hands to cheers up Tejo. They both fall on the bed and laugh. Tejo asks Fateh to teach her to form butterfly using her hands. Fateh teaches her. Jasmine gets jealous on seeing this and vows to make Tejo leave this house.

The episode ends.

Precap: Tejo and Fateh happily fly kite. Jasmine fumes on seeing this. Jasmine says that Fateh has to marry her only. She takes scissors and looks on angrily.

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