Udaariyaan 24th March 2022 Written Update: Tejo decides to leave Fateh for Rupy’s sake


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The episode starts with Rupy getting angry on seeing Tejo with Fateh and shouting Tejo. Fateh apologizes to Rupy and asks how he can prove that he has changed. Rupy lashes out at Fateh. He says him to get lot and drags Tejo from there. Angad sees this. Angad and Fateh look at each other. Then Angad goes in.

Rupy shouts at Tejo and says that she ashamed him today. Tejo justifies that she has gone to help Fateh. Angad also supports Tejo and says that the weather is bad and Tejo would have done same to anyone. Rupy says that he knows and he is scared of Fateh taking advantage of Tejo’s goodness. He says that Fateh is a cheater. Angad calms Rupy down and says to not vent Fateh’s anger on Tejo. Rupy says that he can’t stop Fateh, but he can stop Tejo. He puts Tejo’s hand on his head and asks her to swear on him that she won’t talk to Fateh hereafter else she will see him death. Tejo looks on shocked. Yet she promises to never break this swear and runs inside crying. Angad looks on shocked. Satti asks Rupy why he is doing like this. Rupy says that he is doing this for Tejo’s betterment.

In the room, Tejo breaks down remembering Rupy’s words. She says that she can never break the promise given to Rupy, but how she will stop her heart from thinking about Fateh. She cries hard. At Virks, Jasmine gets to what happened after talking with Dadi over phone call. She blames herself for whatever happening. Amrik comforts her. She receives Buzzo’s call and goes to apart to talk saying it’s sweety’s call. Jasmine and Buzzo talk about Fateh-Tejo. Jasmine tells about Rupy’s swear.

After knowing what happened Kushbeer says to Gurpreet to call back Fateh, but Gurpreet refuses saying that she’s on Fateh’s side and asks Gurpreet to let Fateh try in his way. Kushbeer is worried about Tejo with all the happening. Jasmine asks Gurpreet’s permission to go to meet Tejo and Gurpreet agrees.

Angad says to Fateh to end his stubbornness. Fateh says to Angad to stay away from his matter. Angad asks if he learned to get things by force from Jasmine. He says to not force things in love matter. He clarifies that he and Tejo are only friends but his act can open this house doors for him. Fateh says that he got direct entry in Tejo’s heart. Fateh thinks in mind that he doesn’t trust Angad at all.

Jasmine comes to meet Tejo. Angad thinks in mind that Fateh and Tejo’s love enemy is roaming around them. Jasmine meets Tejo. The latter hugs Jasmine crying. Jasmine says to think for herself at least once. Tejo says that she knows both Fateh and Rupy won’t leave their stubbornness so she knows what to do so that they both can be in peace.

Rupy is in call with Angad and he invites him home. After he ends the call. Satti asks Rupy why he keeps inviting Angad home. Rupy says that he hopes that Tejo will realise Angad’s love if he stays around her. Tejo says to Jasmine that she decided to not meet or talk to Fateh for Rupy’s sake shocking Jasmine. Satti says to Rupy that if it had to happen it would have happened long back. She further says that Tejo is respects him lot and he is taking advantage of it. Jasmine asks what about Fateh. Tejo says that Fateh will give up after knowing her decision. She asks how long he can come after her. Jasmine says that it won’t be easy for her. Tejo says that she is ready to suffer for her loved ones sake. Jasmine prays to God that the astrologer’s prediction come true.

Buzzo comes to meet Fateh inebriated state. Jasmine sees this and gets worried that Buzzo doesn’t spill the astrologer’s prediction in front of Fateh.

The episode ends.

Precap: Rupy learns about the astrologer’s prediction and says that he will never let Fateh and Tejo unite. He goes Fateh and drags him out of the tent. Fateh looks at Tejo. Tejo turns away her face crying.

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