Udaariyaan 25th July 2022 Written Update: Tejo’s decision shocks Fateh


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The episode starts with Tejo apologizing to Fateh for hitting him. She says that she got to know that he isn’t murderer of their child and says that she’s very sorry. Fateh holds her hands. Tejo says that she wanted to tell him about her pregnancy. Fateh says that he was aware of this as Jasmine told him that Tejo wanted to talk to him, so they came there.

Tejo says that she was surrounded by the fire and saw Fateh and Jasmine together, so she thought that they wanted to kill her. Fateh says that they were looking for her. Tejo is surprised that Jasmine was helping Fateh to save her. Fateh says that Jasmine didn’t like Angad so she wanted to help him. Tejo says that no use of this talk now as they lost their child. Fateh says that he got shattered knowing about their child’s lose.

He further says that he couldn’t mourn their baby’s death as he lost Amrik while trying to expose Angad. Tejo cries and apologizes to Fateh for Amrik’s loss and blames herself for that. Fateh says that she’s not at fault. He says that they have finally united after lot of struggles. He requests her to become her old self. Tejo says that it’s hard, but she will try.

Virks arrive at the Sandhus to meet Tejo. Tejo apologizes to Gurpreet for Amrik’s loss and says that she can understand a mother’s pain. They share an emotional hug. Kushbeer says that Gurpreet came to take Tejo back home. Gurpreet nods yes. Fateh asks if she changed her mind after knowing that Tejo got her memory back. Gurpreet denies it and says that she had decided it before knowing that Tejo got well. Kushbeer confirms it. Kushbeer asks Rupy to let them take Fateh and Tejo back home.

Rupy says that Fateh and Tejo should decide about this. Gurpreet asks Tejo to return to her in-laws. Tejo asks when she got married to Fateh and says that their wedding got called off. Gurpreet says that they got married again a week before. Tejo says that she doesn’t remember this marriage and asks how this can be a marriage when she wasn’t in her sense. She returns Fateh her mangalsutra refusing to accept their marriage.

All gets shocked with Tejo’s decision. Tejo folds her hands in front of Kushbeer and apologizes to him saying her intention isn’t hurting anyone. She says that she can’t accept the marriage that she doesn’t remember. She further says that she only remembers that their wedding got cancelled. She says that she’s this house’s daughter and refuses to leave her house. She apologizes to Fateh and says that she’s not his wife.

Nimmo tries to provoke Gurpreet against Tejo saying that Tejo is taking revenge on her. Gurpreet says to Tejo to not punish Fateh for her mistake. She tells that they’re witness of her wedding. Tejo says that she doesn’t remember her marriage, she only remembers the incidents happened before her accident. She says that this marriage is only a lie for her.

Fateh shouts stop and asks all of them to not force Tejo. He says that he doesn’t want to force this marriage on Tejo when she doesn’t want to accept this. He says that he will wait until Tejo’s heart accept this marriage. He decides that he will also not accept this marriage till that. He says that he is ready to wait for Tejo even for all his seven lives. Fateh says to Tejo that he will keep her mangalsutra savely until she wants to take it back from him, if that moment never comes, he will keep it savely as her memory.

He says to Tejo to live her life happily and freely and they will support her. Fateh asks Rupy if he can come home to see Tejo. He nods yes. Fateh asks Tejo if she remembers that they’re best friends. Tejo nods yes. Fateh says that it’s enough for him. He sadly walks away. Virks leave. Tejo cries hugging Rupy.

Jasmine wakes up startled having a nightmare of Fateh trying to burn her alive. Sweety’s mom learns that Jasmine is in their storeroom. She ousts Jasmine out. Jasmine vows to make Fateh suffer like she’s suffering. Other hand Tejo wonders if Fateh really married her despite knowing that she doesn’t accept such marriage. She wonders what would have forced him to do it. Meanwhile Fateh looks at Tejo’s photo frame and says that she’s his life and only death can separate them.

The episode ends.

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