Udaariyaan 25th March 2022 Written Update: Rupy and Fateh fight


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The episode starts with Fateh saying to Buzzo that his idea will work and Rupy will get convinced. Jasmine sees that Buzzo is with Fateh and gets worried that he will tell him about the astrologer’s prediction. She says that she doesn’t want to give them more tension. Fateh leaves Buzzo in the tent and drives off in his bike. Rupy comes and sees Buzzo and wonders what he is doing. He says that he has has to throw Fateh out soon. He goes back inside. Jasmine makes Buzzo sit in the car and says to the driver to leave him in the given location.

Anagad is having breakfast. Tejo comes with Jasmine and says that she’s going to Gurudwara with Jasmine. Angad thinks that he doesn’t trust Jasmine and says that he has to keep an eye on Jasmine. Jasmine thinks of keeping an eye on Angad. Rupy says that he will come with Tejo and Jasmine. Satti says to let the sisters go alone. Angad offers to drop Tejo and Jasmine at the Gurudwara.

Tejo comes out and sees Fateh. She remembers Rupy’s words. She doesn’t look towards Fateh. She sits in Angad’s car and they drive off. Fateh wonders what Rupy said to Tejo and she doesn’t look at him and where she’s going with Angad. The astrologer’s assistant comes to give Tejo and Fateh’s horoscope to Rupy. Rupy reads the astrologer’s prediction and gets shocked knowing that Tejo-Fateh’s life will get in danger if they get married. Rupy asks the assistant who gave him these horoscopes. The assistant says that anyone from his family must have given. Rupy decides to not talk to anyone about it now. He wonders who matched these horoscopes to the astrologer and who hid this truth.

Fateh wonders why priest came to meet Rupy and why Tejo ignored him. He wonders whether Rupy said anything to Tejo. He gets worried. Tejo is in the Gurudwara. She remembers Rupy’s words. She seeks God’s help to end Rupy’s hatred for Tejo. Rupy comes to Gurudwara with Satti. He sees Virks family there and says to Satti that’s why he wanted to come. Gurpreet says that they don’t know that Tejo has come here, they have to pray for Fateh. Gurpreet requests Rupy to forgive Fateh. Rupy says that he won’t get Tejo married to Fateh whom had affair with Tejo’s sister. Kushbeer blames Jasmine for ruining Tejo’s marriage. Rupy and Kushbeer argue blaming each other’s children. Gurpreet says that Fateh loves Tejo very much and he is doing all this for her. Gurpreet says that he realised his true love for Tejo after committing the mistakes. She says that he has changed that’s why Tejo forgave him. She requests Rupy to give Fateh a chance. Rupy says that Fateh’s heart can change and he can fall in love with another girl after marrying Tejo. Kushbeer shouts to not say a word against Fateh. Rupy and Kushbeer get into a fight holding each other collar. Tejo sees them fighting and stops them. Rupy says that Tejo won’t come to their house hereafter. He drags Tejo from there. Kushbeer also wants to call Fateh back home, but Gurpreet makes him understand that Tejo is helpless understand Rupy’s pressure and requests him to let Fateh try.

Tejo, Rupy and Satti reaturn home. Fateh says that Tejo didn’t look at him even once and wonders how to find what the matters is. Fateh asks Dilraj why Tejo is ignoring him. Dirlraj says that Rupy made Tejo swear that she should see him. Fateh sends a letter to Fateh through Dilraj. The letter gets in Rupy’s hand. He gets furious and goes to Fateh taking a stick to beat him. Dilraj informs the same to Tejo. The latter runs to the terrace. Rupy calls out Fateh. He holds Fateh’s collar. Tejo looks on shocked.

The episode ends.

Precap: Rupy says to his family about the astrologer’s prediction shocking them. Fateh stands in front of a truck. Tejo shouts Fateh and looks on shocked.

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