Udaariyaan 25th November 2022 Written Update: Naaz confronts Jasmine


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The episode starts with crying and looking at her childhood photo with Jasmine. She recalls her words and her daughter calling her. She says that Jasmine lied. She didn’t come for her, but for some other work. Nikhil phones Naaz and asks why she cancelled the shopping plan. He finds that Naaz sounds low and asks what happened. Naaz lies that she’s sad to leave her family after the wedding. Nikhil cheers her up and asks her to be happy for their Sangeet. Naaz looks at her reflection in the mirror. She says that she has Nikhil who is madly in love with her, so she doesn’t need Jasmine. She says that she can also live her last life on her terms. She’s determined not to let Jasmine or Nehmat interfere in her life. 

The Sangeet and Mehndi functions begin. Nikhil challenges Nehmat to dance. Nikhil and Nehmat dance, competing with each other. Rupy and Satti remember Tejo by seeing Nehmat and become emotional. Nehmat says to Rama that she will look after the guests. Rama remembers Nehmat breaking a vase during their first meeting. Nehmat assures Rama that she won’t make any mistakes. Rama agrees. Nikhil’s uncle praises Nehmat for taking good care of everything and blesses her. Ekam and Mallika arrive. Ekam says to Shamsher that Renuka didn’t come as she’s not feeling well. Ekam and Nehmat sadly look at each other. Shelly comments about it. Naaz thinks of using the photo of Nehmat with Advait to completely end Ekam and Nehmat’s relationship. Satti tells Ekam that they’re with him and Mallika. Ekam ignores Nehmat. Mallika hugs Nehmat. Naaz sees this. 

Naaz and Mallika give a dance performance. Mehndi function begins. Nehmat takes Naaz and Mallika on the stage. She dances to the song mehndi hai rachne wali. The Mehndi application begins. Mallika-Advait and Naaz-Nikhil write their respective partners letters on their palms. Nehmat says that Mallika is lucky to have her love as her life partner. Shelly asks the mehndi designer to apply mehndi to Nehmat’s palm. Nehmat refuses and goes to get water. 

Jasmine gives a special performance with her face half covered to the song Darling. Advait recognizes Jasmine and asks Shamsher about it. Shamsher says to Advait that she wants to attend all the wedding functions and adds that she gave the order to kill Jayveer. Satti says to Rupy that the girl who is dancing seems familiar. Naaz is shocked to recognize Jasmine. Shelly thinks that Jasmine is smart enough to attend Naaz’s pre-wedding function and dance at the function. 

Jasmine goes to the room to change. Naaz is already present. Naaz confronts Jasmine and asks her why she really came there. Jasmine says that she has come to know more about Nikhil as she’s not convinced with him. Naaz defends Nikhil and asks Jasmine not to interfere in her life. Jasmine says that she always wanted the best for Naaz and Nikhil isn’t the best choice for her. Naaz claims that she loves Nikhil. Jasmine and Naaz argue over the love topic. Naaz says that Nikhil got a costly necklace and dress for her. She says that Nikhil is capable of fulfilling all her dreams. Nehmat is shown looking for Naaz. Naaz says to Jasmine never to show her face to her again. She goes out of the room. She collides with Nehmat. The latter asks Naaz why she seems tensed. Naaz says nothing and takes her away. Jasmine is determined not to leave before confirming Nikhil’s financial conditions. 

Nehmat sees Ekam talking with Shamsher. She is determined to convince Ekam. Nehmat imagines convincing Ekam and dancing with him. She comes to reality and goes to find Ekam. Nehmat bumps into Ekam and she is about to fall back. Ekam holds Nehmat in his arms. Nehmat smiles, looking at Ekam. Ekam makes her stand and begins to walk away. He stops and turns around to collect his phone which fallen on the ground. Nehmat gives him the phone. Jasmine sees Nehmat and Ekam. She says that she’s thankful who has published Jayveer’s article and caused Ekam and Nehmat’s relationship break up.

The episode ends.

Precap: Jasmine is talking on the call. Rupy hears this and says Jasmine. Nehmat bumps into Jasmine. Nehmat sees Jasmine and gets shocked. Nehmat slaps Ekam, shocking everyone.

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