Udaariyaan 26th July 2022 Written Update: Jasmine vows to take revenge from Fateh


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The episode starts with Satti asking Tejo why she’s disturbed. She asks Tejo to drink milk as she didn’t have anything from morning. Other hand Fateh opens his room doors and finds Gurpreet. The latter cries and apologizes to Fateh blaming herself for Fateh’s condition. Fateh hugs Gurpreet and pacifies her. Here Tejo says to Satti that she doesn’t remember anything. She’s scared of learning any new revelation. There Fateh says that he is getting punished for not valuing Tejo’s love. He says to Gurpreet to pray that Tejo realize his love. Gurpreet says that she will pray for Fateh and Tejo’s reunion. Here Satti assures Tejo that she didn’t wrong anyone. Tejo demands to know what happened, why Fateh married her. Satti agrees to tell her.

Sandhus enact what happened in the last nine months. Rupy shows the video of Fateh acting like monkey to make Tejo laugh. Tejo says that she was like kid in the last nine months and asks how they handled her. Satti says that Fateh handled and protected her while they only supported her. Lovely says that even Jasmine did lot for her. Tejo asks Satti where Jasmine is. Meanwhile Jasmine is wandering on the road and shouts that no one can snatch her Fateh from her. Here Tejo says that Angad provoked her against Jasmine and said that she was using Amrik. Satti denies it and is about to tell about her pregnancy. But Rupy stops Satti.

Rupy says that Jasmine is staying at Sweety’s house as she got to know about Tejo’s misunderstanding, so she left not wanting to give any trouble to her. Lovely says that Jasmine took care of Tejo when she lost her memory. Tejo regrets that Jasmine has to suffer because of her. She says that she wants to talk to her. Dadi asks Tejo to talk morning. Tejo apologizes to God that Jasmine is staying outside her house because of her.

Jasmine is lamenting that she has to wander on the road because of Fateh. Other hand Dadi says to Satti and Rupy to hide about Jasmine’s pregnancy from Tejo as she lost her baby. Dadi also says to let Jasmine stay at Sweety’s house for a while since Jasmine can spill that her marriage was fixed with Fateh. They also get worried about Fateh. Fateh comes to Sandhus house and stands outside the house to get a glimpse of Tejo. He hides when Tejo comes to the balcony. He smiles looking at Tejo and recalling their moments together. Tejo falls asleep. Fateh asks God to show him a sign. The toy fan flies and falls on the ground near Fateh. Fateh gets happy and picks it up. Jasmine comes to her home, but she goes back on seeing Fateh.

Satti worries how Jasmine will be at Sweety’s house. Rupy asks Satti to bring Jasmine back home the next day. Satti agrees. Jasmine is wandering on the road. It starts to rain. Jasmine gets into an abandoned car for shelter. She makes faces seeing the dust. Jasmine blames Fateh for her condition and gets determined to not leave him easily. She vows to take revenge from Fateh at any cost.

The episode ends.

Precap: Jasmine gets caught red handed when she steals food. Two man tries to kidnap Tejo.

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