Udaariyaan 26th March 2021 Written Update: Jazz sends a fake Canada proposal for Tejo to trap Sandhu’s


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Episode begins with Tejo saying to her friend that the one who will be made for her will love her as well as Punjab just like her. Fateh and his brother tries to talk to their mother about Jasmine. Fateh’s fails in his first try. Fateh fails in his second try by talking about his tournament. He take his grandmother’s blessing and fails in another try by telling his mother that he will bring trophy for her. His mother blesses him and ask to do her some work. He gets a call from some person named Binde from his sports federation. He gives his mother’s work to his brother and leaves for college. 

Rubbi shows anger on Satti for just thinking about her Canada dream rather than her family. He also says he lost his everything because of her Canada dream. Satti cries and says she cares. Fateh reaches his college and gets angry on knowing that some teacher is stopping federation students from practicing for nationals. They give Fateh teacher’s room no.9 to convince him/her. Tejo is seen busy her class a student by mistake makes room no. 6 as 9. Fateh misunderstands and get in tiff with Tejo. He insults Tejo in front of her students by revealing about her humiliation in Chandigarh-Canada ball. Tejo gets angry and grab his collar. She throws him out of the class. 

Fateh assures Federation members that now they can continue their practice, there will be no problem. Tejo reach there and insult Fateh. Try have tiff and Fateh warn Tejo to not stop federation members from practicing. Binde tried to clear Fateh’s misunderstanding about Tejo but he doesn’t listen to him. Tejo throws milk product on Fateh and reveal that she was pressurized by her family to participate in Canada ball. She tells that her family lied about her not she herself. She also tells him that she chose Punjab for her PhD instead of foreign country. She says fate is bad that she meets people like him. She last warn him to not repeat his mistake to insult her again. Fateh feels angry.

At Sandhu house a Canadian guy’s marriage proposal arrives. Sandhu ladies gets happy but Rubbi comes and gets angry on Satti for not waiting for some time. Satti tries convincing Rubbi that she didn’t call marriage maker to house. She cries feels insulted. Rubbi asks marriage maker to go as Tejo reaches home. Jasmine says to Rubbi that she will convincing Tejo. Tejo collides with marriage maker and her family tries acting normal but Dilraj speaks the truth. Tejo gets angry on her family for thinking about Canada again. The new fake Canada proposal is revealed to be from Jazz.

Fateh’s brother teases him about Tejo. He also says that Tejo and Fateh have some connection made by god. Fateh says he will soon break Tejo’s pride. Fateh’s friend Buzzo reveals to him that a marriage proposal has arrived for Jasmine. Fateh leaves to finally talk to his mother about Jasmine before she married someone else.

Jasmine tries convincing Tejo about Jazz’s proposal. Tejo asks Jasmine to marry the guy herself.  Fateh’s grandmother discuss about Fateh marriage with Twinkle. Fateh hears his father saying that let Fateh stand on his feet first then he will marry him by the girl of his choice. This upsets Fateh and his remaining family.