Udaariyaan 26th May 2022 Written Update: Jasmine puts up an emotional act


Udaariyaan 26th May 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Tanya greeting the Virks. Tanya calls out Jasmine. Virks look unhappy on seeing Jasmine. Tanya says that she went to Gurudwara to perform puja for Amrik and says to Jasmine to distribute the offering to the Virks. Jasmine obliges. Gurpreet says to Tanya to tell her how to make London coffee so that she can make it. Tanya stops Gurpreet and requests to allow Jasmine to take Amrik’s books and photos as she misses him. Gurpreet agrees. Jasmine hopes that Tanya will do as she told her.

In the kitchen Gurpreet asks if she can make her favorite ginger tea or coffee to which Tanya says to make tea. Mahi comes to them and says to Gurpreet to make tea for Fateh too as he is on leave that day. Mahi further says that she has some work, so Tejo can give it to Fateh. Gurpreet also finds it’s a good idea. Gurpreet says to Tanya to wake up Fateh and give tea.

Fateh is sleeping. He is dreaming of drinking tea with Tejo. Tanya comes to him and tries to wake him up. Fateh drags her and she falls over Fateh. Tanya gets up and asks what he is doing. Fateh asks what she’s doing here. Tanya says that she brought tea. Fateh shouts at her and says to get out. Gurpreet comes there and asks Fateh why he is shouting at her. Tanya says that it’s her fault, she dropped the tea. Tanya leaves. Gurpreet scolds Fateh for shouting at Tejo. Fateh apologizes. Gurpreet says him to apologize to Tejo. Gurpreet says that she talked to Kushbeer and they’re going to talk to Sandhus about Fateh and Tejo marriage. She says to Fateh to talk to Tejo about it as he also wants the same. Fateh says that he doesn’t want it. He says that this isn’t the right time to talk. He says to give her time to clear all her doubts about him, then he will talk to her.

Virks are playing carrom board in the hall. Tanya and Jasmine see Gurpreet coming towards the kitchen. They go inside and put up an act. Tanya says that Jasmine should tell this to the family and says that she will tell them. Jasmine requests her to not tell them. Tanya says that it’s wrong to kill a child. Jasmine says that she’s going through a tough situation and came to collect Amrik’s things to get some courage. She runs from there. Gurpreet stops Jasmine and asks what she was talking with Tejo in the Kitchen. Fateh comes there and asks what the matter is. Biji says to Tanya to tell what the matter is. Tanya says that only Jasmine can tell this as it’s her personal matter, they can’t imagine what she’s going to do. Gurpreet demands Jasmine to say what the matter is. Jasmine says that she’s pregnant with Amrik’s child.

All gets happy on hearing this. Gurpreet hugs Jasmine. Jasmine says that she decided to not bring this child to this world as Amrik is no more. Gurpreet says to Jasmine to not do this and says to think about Amrik. Jasmine says to Gurpreet that she cares for her all of the sudden while she hated her till last day. Jasmine further says that’s why she took this decision of not giving birth to this child. Gurpreet apologizes to Jasmine. The latter says that she doesn’t want to give birth to a child who doesn’t have father. She says that’s why Simran also married Buzzo so that Candy can get a father. Jasmine stays firm in her decision. Simran says that she can understand her better and says to think about Amrik, who loved her and how much his soul will get hurt on seeing this.

Gurpreet requests Jasmine to keep the child who is Amrik’s last memory. Jasmine says that they didn’t care about Amrik’s happiness when he was alive and didn’t accept them when he talked to them and they had to elope to London. Gurpreet, Mahi and Simran request Jasmine to keep the child. Gurpreet requests Fateh to make Jasmine understand. Biji also requests Jasmine. The latter taunts the Virks that they didn’t even accept her as Amrik’s window and says that her child won’t have any place in their heart or in this house as they don’t value her.

She says that she’s scared that they will snatch her baby after her deliverery. She says that she will die if that happen, so she decided to not keep this child. Gurpreet requests Tejo to make Jasmine understand. Tanya stops Jasmine. On seeing Jasmine smiling she realises that she’s doing drama till now and playing with family’s emotions. She wonders whether supporting Jasmine is right.

The episode ends.

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