Udaariyaan 27th February 2023 Written Update: Ekam thanks Harleen


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The episode starts with Nehmat sneaking into Kapoor’s house with Nikhil’s help. Nehmat gives her swear to Nikhil and sends him back to his room while she goes and searches for evidence against Advait in the basement. Nehmat pushes a vase accidentally. Advait hears this. He goes to the basement to check. Nehmat hears the footsteps and grows anxious. Someone covers Nehmat’s mouth when Advait arrives there. He looks around suspiciously and doesn’t find anyone. He is sure the sound came from the basement. Nehmat and Ekam are shown, hiding under the table. Advait sees the fallen vase. He thinks that it might be a rat. He turns off the light and leaves.

Nehmat and Ekam are on the way. Nehmat urges Ekam to stop the car. Ekam obliges. Nehmat and Ekam get out of the car. They scold each other for sneaking into Kapoor’s house despite knowing how dangerous they’re. Ekam notices a wound on Nehmat’s wrist. He asks if Advait is responsible for this. Nehmat recalls her dispute with Advait. Nehmat says that it doesn’t matter. Ekam angrily punches the car’s hood. He says that he is affected by Nehmat’s never-ending sorrow. Nehmat asks Ekam to stop worrying about her and focus on Harleen. Ekam asks Nehmat if she would leave him if he was in her situation. He says that she won’t and he also refuses to leave her alone. Nehmat firmly says to Ekam that Harleen should be important in his life and he should focus on her. Ekam insists on dropping Nehmat at her house. Later, Ekam drops off Nehmat at her house. Ekam and Nehmat are satisfied that they could see each other before Ekam and Harleen’s wedding. Swaroop sees Ekam driving off after dropping Nehmat at home. She curses Ekam.

The next day, Nehmat gets ready to go to Harleen and Ekam’s engagement and convinces the Sandhus to go there as they’re her only family. Rupy asks Nehmat if she really wants to go there. Nehmat recalls Harleen’s words and says yes. Swaroop taunts Nehmat about not being able to handle her marriage. She asks Nehmat not to attend Ekam and Harleen’s wedding and gives people a chance to gossip about her. Nehmat wears back her mangalsutra so that no one gossips about her. Nehmat says to Swaroop that now they can go.

Harleen gets ready for her engagement. She wonders whether Nehmat will attend the engagement ceremony or not. Ekam sadly gets ready for the engagement. He receives Harleen’s message asking him to meet her immediately. Ekam becomes worried about Harleen and goes to check if Harleen is fine. Harleen says that she texted him as she wanted Ekam to see her first. She asks Ekam how she looks. She makes Ekam wear a broach.

Harleen places her hand on Ekam’s chest. She says that she knows how important Nehmat is for him. She says that his heartbeat rises as soon as he hears her name. So she invited Nehmat to their engagement. On the other hand, Rupy says to Nehmat that she may not be able to bear people’s taunts. However, Nehmat is determined to go to show that she’s happy with Ekam and Harleen’s engagement. There, Ekam asks Harleen why she invited Nehmat. Harleen says that she wants to prove to him that she will never want to remove Nehmat from his life as she trusts him. Harleen says to Ekam that she understood that she couldn’t remove Nehmat from their triangle love story, so she decided to accept Nehmat so that they feel comfortable with each other in the future. Ekam is surprised that Harleen handles this matter with maturity. He thanks Harleen. The latter gives a rose to Ekam. Ekam puts that rose in Harleen’s hair. They smile.

Rupy agrees to attend Harleen and Ekam’s engagement. He asks the family to get ready. Rupy says to Satti that Nehmat hides her pain for others’ happiness exactly like Tejo. On the other hand, Advait says to his goon to hit Nehmat with his car when he gets the opportunity and asks him to make sure that it looks like an accident.

The episode ends.

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