Udaariyaan 27th November 2021 Written Update: Fateh marries Jasmine


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The episode starts with Tejo crying recalling Jasmine saying that Fateh and she are leaving to Canada next day. The priest calls the bride. Jasmine arrives there dancing. Fateh looks on. Sandhus and Virks look unhappy. Jasmine sits next to Fateh. Sweety says to her friend that Fateh and Jasmine leaving to Canada the next day and Jasmine is happy that Fateh and Tejo will be seperated forever. Mayi overhears this and informs her parents and Simran. The latter asks how she knows this. Mayi says that she overheard Sweety talking to her friend. Kushbeer says that he’s ashamed to call Fateh his son. Gurpreet says that Fateh lost his mind. Gurpreet moves to talk to Fateh.

But Kushbeer asks Gurpreet to wait till the wedding rituals get completed. Simran says that Kushbeer is right and they can’t trust Jasmine’s words. The priest asks Fateh and Jasmine to forward their hands. Tejo cries seeing her and Fateh’s wedding photos album. Tejo recalls her moment with Fateh. Other hand Jasmine and Fateh are doing marriage rituals. Angad comes to Tejo and finds her in tears. Angad wipes Tejo’s tears and comforts her hugging. Angad asks if she is crying because Fateh and Jasmine are going to Canada.

Tejo says that she doesn’t know why she’s getting affected, she should not get affected, maybe she is sad that he can’t see him anymore. The priest calls the groom sister to tie the gadhbadan. Simran cries. Gurpreet signs Simran and obeys. Tejo requests Angad to take her somewhere where no one knows her. Angad asks where she wants to go. Tejo says that she doesn’t know. Angad says that he can help her, he will fulfill his friends duty. Tejo says that even Fateh was her friend. Angad says that his friendship isn’t that weak.

The priest asks Fateh and Jasmine to stand up for seven holy rounds. Gurpreet comes to Fateh and asks hik if he’s leaving with Jasmine to Canada the next day, Mayi overheard Jasmine’s friends talking about it. Fateh recalls saying to Jasmine to not tell this to anyone. Fateh looks at Jasmine. Fateh says to Gurpreet that they can talk about it later on. Gurpreet demands for an answer. Fateh closes his eyes and nods yes. Gurpreet stands next to Kushbeer. Simran asks if it’s true. Gurpreet nods yes. Fateh and Jasmine starts taking seven rounds.

Nimmo informs Rupy ans Satti about this. They are taken aback. Angad says to Tejo that he knows the pain of losing someone close and he wants to take her away from this pain and this place. Fateh ties the mangalsutra around Jasmine’s neck and fills her maang with Vermilion. The priest says that their wedding is completed. Jasmine says to Fateh that they got married. Fateh says that they will start their new life with his remaining surprise for her. Angad asks Tejo if she trusts.

Tejo nods yes. Angad says that they can’t go out until she stops crying. Tejo hugs Angad and cries. Gurpreet refuses to give her blessing to Fateh and Jasmine. Kushbeer calms her down. Biji and Dadaji scold Fateh and Jasmine to hide the plan of leaving to Canada. Jasmine thinks how they got to know this and thinks Sweety must have told them. Simran requests Fateh to cancel the Canada flight tickets.

Jasmine firmly says that they will go to Canada. Fateh says that he can’t break the promise he gave to Jasmine. Simran asks Gurpreet to make Fateh understand. Gurpreet says to Fateh that Jasmine has more importance to him than her, he doesn’t care about her emotions. Gurpreet regrets allowing Jasmine to stay at their house. Gurpreet breaks down. Kushbeer asks Gurpreet to handle herself.

Angad and Tejo arrive there. Angad says that the wedding happened very fast and congratulate them. He asks the virks and Sandhus to bless Jasmine and Fateh as they promised to Tejo. Jasmine touches everyone’s foot to take blessings. Nimmo taunts Jasmine. Jasmine says that her send off will be directly to Canada.

Jasmine asks Fateh to take everyone’s blessings and come to the room until she will do the packing as they have to reach airport three hours before flight timing. Jasmine says that he will pack her bag and his bag too. Jasmine moves to her friends and asks them to sit and tries to break her bangles over their heads as a part of wedding ritual. Satti says that Jasmine is shameless. Tejo looks on crying. Everyone looks unhappy.

Jasmine says that they all will remain bachelor maybe as the bangle didn’t break. She says that everyone isn’t lucky as her to go to Canada and leaves. Jasmine leaves glaring at Tejo. Fateh says to his family that he took decision after thinking lot. He says that it’s Jasmine’s childhood dream. He knows that he will go far away from them, but they will saved from everyday fights. Gurpreet says to Fateh that Jasmine has become more important to him than his family. She says that she wonders what is lacking in her upbringing. She declares that she breaks all her relation with Fateh. Fateh looks on sad.

The episode ends.

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