Udaariyaan 28th December 2023 Written Update: Ekam reaches the hotel with his team and bomb squad.

Udaariyaan 28th December 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with, the terrorists asking everyone to put their hands behind and stay still or they would fire. Raja thinks of informing Armaan and Alia. Ekam arrives at the hotel and calls Aasman. She informs Ekam that they are still in the bathroom. Ekam asks her to stay there. The woman with the bomb goes out of the bathroom to save her husband and child despite Aasman asking her not to. The terrorists show the guests the bomb and say that if anyone tries to act smart they would start firing and kill everyone.

Alia continues to make love to Armaan. Aasman comes out of the toilet and hides. She sees Raja hiding behind a pillar alone but wonders where Armaan and Alia must be. One of the guests runs away so a terrorist aims at him and fires at his leg. Aasmaan reaches Raja and asks about Armaan and Alia. She instructs Raja to reach Armaan and ask him to call Sukhi. Raja goes inside the hotel to find Raja. As Aasmaan speaks to Ekam over the phone, one of the terrorists gets hold of Aasman. They talk to Ekam and threaten him to kill everyone if they don’t arrange a helicopter. Aasman grabs his phone and checks the photos sent by Ekam and sees that the woman she found is among one of the terrorists. Aasman makes a video call to Ekam and shows the scene inside.

Aasman finds a fork and makes the woman with the bomb a hostage. She threatens to kill the woman. Raja reaches Armaan’s room and finds Alia sitting on the ground and crying while Armaan lies on the bed half naked. The woman tells Aasman that her motive is something else and asks her to stay away. The woman with the bomb hits Aasman and makes her a hostage now. She asks to arrange the helicopter or else they would kill him.

Raja enters the room and asks Alia what’s wrong. She hugs Raja and apologises to him. Raja loses his mind in furry and gets up on the bed. He tries to kill Armaan by choking him. Aasman pushes off the woman and throws away the gun from the terrorist .The rest of the guests start beating the other male
terrorists. Aasman asks the woman her motive. The terrorists spread some smoke all over the hall and fled from the hotel. The woman says that she would definitely meet them again.

Ekam enters with his team. They check the bomb and find that it is fake. Ekam tells Aasman that some danger is hovering over them and alerts his team. He asks Armaan why he touched Alia. Raja starts hitting Armaan and says that he would inform everyone about what Armaan did with him. Alia shouts and says that he must not tell anyone anything since people would only blame her. Aasmaan reaches Armaan’s room and finds Armaan lying on the ground unconscious and things spread here and there.

Precap : Alia would be seen manipulating Raja to finally commit suicide.

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