Udaariyaan 28th July 2022 Written Update: Jasmine mocks Fateh


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The episode starts with Tejo asking Jasmine to return home. Jasmine recalls Fateh’s threat. She refuses to return home stating that Tejo called her bad sister when she wasn’t well and even after getting well she accused her of killing her child. Jasmine says that she will leave from Tejo’s life forever.

 Jasmine smirks. Tejo says that she had a misunderstanding, but their parents cleared it. She says Jasmine to not punish herself for her crimes. She asks Jasmine to return home. Jasmine refuses again and puts up an emotional act. She says that Sweety’s mother threw her out of the house, she spent whole night on the road and had to steal to satisfy hunger. She says that she deserves all this. She further says that she wasn’t accepted as Amrik’s wife when Amrik was life and no one accept her as his widow after his death. She says that she will kill this baby stating no one loves this baby. She tries to leave from there.

Tejo stops Jasmine and slaps her. Tejo hugs her crying. Tejo expresses her pain of losing her child. She says that Jasmine should keep her baby as it’s a ray of hope for both the families and all will love this child. Tejo gets on her knees and tells Jasmine’s baby that she loves her/him and will always take of her/him. Jasmine smirks thinking that Tejo will take her back home and Fateh won’t be able to do anything.

Fateh gets shocked when Rupy tells him that Tejo brought Jasmine back home. Here Tejo takes care of Jasmine. Satti gets emotional witnessing this. Rupy says to Fateh that Tejo is getting crazy out of happiness after knowing that Jasmine is pregnant. He asks Fateh to go and see. Fateh sees Tejo feeding Jasmine and thinks that Jasmine is always a threat for Tejo. Jasmine notices Fateh. She sends Tejo away on the pretext to get warm water for her.

 Jasmine mocks Fateh. Fateh closes the door and confronts Jasmine. He asks Jasmine to leave the house tonight itself. Jasmine asks what he will do if she won’t. She asks Fateh to tell the truth all. She says that Tejo just got well and she is happy after learning about her pregnancy so he can’t snatch Tejo’s happiness by telling the truth. She says that Tejo may get become completely mental after learning the truth. Fateh shouts Jasmine.

Jasmine continues to mock Fateh being helpless. She says that Tejo herself brought her back home. Fateh leaves angrily as Jasmine is controlling the lives of two most important persons of his life, Tejo and Amrik’s child. Just then he receives a call from Buzzo and leaves.

Simran gets angry with Buzzo for calling Fateh who is already disturbed because of his life’s problems and cries. Buzzo calms her down saying that he won’t tell her anything. Buzzo asks what the mysterious caller told. Simran says that the caller knows everything about Candy, he even recognizes his voice and send the game that Candy wanted to buy in the market. She worries if he isn’t following Candy.

Buzzo says that they have to be careful as he is very smart and calls everytime from different number. Just then Fateh comes there and asks Buzzo what happened and why he seemed worried in the call. Simran  says that Buzzo is worried about Fateh as Tejo didn’t tell if she accepts him or not. Fateh says that even he doesn’t know answer, but gets determined to know this.

Jasmine is distributed recalling Fateh’s words and throws the food plate that Satti brought for her. Satti looks on stunned. In the college, Tejo meets the principal. The principal gives Tejo the post that she had already occupied in the college. Fateh comes to meet Tejo. He feels her presence and turns around. He sees Tejo going with her friend and looks on.

The episode ends.

Tejo calls out Fateh and hugs him. Tejo says to Fateh that he learned whatever he did for her in the last nine months and his love melted his heart. Fateh puts the mangalsutra around Tejo’s neck. She asks him to take her to their house.

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