Udaariyaan 28th March 2021 Written Update: Tejo agrees to the marriage proposal


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The episode begins with Fateh, his friend and his remaining family get upset after hearing his father’s decision about Fateh’s marriage and future in sports. Husband’s father says now he will decide everything in the house and Fateh will marry after winning the gold medal in Olympics (after 4-5 years). Jasmine tries convincing about Jazz (Canada) marriage proposal. She says to Tejo that she will never try to steal her rights on her fate or anything except her clothes.

Tejo refuses to see Jazz’s photograph initially, later on sees it but refuses for marriage saying she is fed up now fighting or explains Jasmine and family. Satti and Tejo’s Taiji taunt each other and their kids for not being able to arrange going to Canada. Jasmine stops their fight and she plans with them to convince Tejo for proposal. 

Whole family sings a song and apologize to her making her emotional. Tejo gets convinced finally for new candian marriage proposal. Fateh recalls everything his father said about his marriage and punch the boxing bag again and again. Fateh’s younger brother gives Fateh idea to go to Jasmine’s house with marriage proposal himself. Fateh disagrees saying his father will break relations with him too.

Buzzo (Fateh’s friend) informs Fateh about Jazz taking marriage proposal for Jasmine the next day. Jasmine tells Tejo that she and Satti are happy with her decision. Jazz and his mother dress-up western to look like Canadians. Jasmine gets happy thinking that now with Jazz’s help she will to get the chance to go to Canada. Tejo says Jazz has still not become her Jiju. Jazz tells his mother that Tejo is clever and will catch their like easily. They decide to behave like they are not in any hurry. Jazz says he will impress Tejo that she will not be able to refuse to his marriage proposal. Just when he says nobody will be able to stop them Fateh reaches in between Jazz’s way to Sandhu house. He says ‘everything is fair in love and war’ as Jasmine is his only.

Fateh gives two options to Jazz, either to listen to him or his hockey’s. Jazz asks Fateh how he got to know that he is going to see a girl for marriage. Fateh asks Jazz to search another girl for himself as the girl he going to see is connected to his fate. Jazz takes his car back after Fateh’s threats. As Fateh goes to see his father in the club. Jazz’s mother thinks wrong about Tejo and Fateh’s connection. But then both of them ignore it and reach Sandhu house.

Jasmine does Tejo’s dress-up and make-up. Tejo’s grand mother recalls that she has seen him in the ball. She suspects him to be a wrong person. Jazz and his mother gets nervous. Other family members doesn’t believe grandmother. Fateh, Buzzo, Mahi and his younger brother laughs on how Jazz ran away. Mahi advices Fateh to talk to father as marriage proposals will not stop coming for Jasmine. Jasmine brings Tejo in front of Jazz and his mother. He says hi to Tejo. Jasmine ans Abhiraj likes Jazz too. Fateh from his friend gets to know that Jazz reached Jasmine’s house. He gets angry and Mahi worries for Fateh’s next step. Tejo feels helpless. Fateh leaves for Jasmine’s house.