Udaariyaan 28th November 2021 Written Update: Angad requests Fateh’s family to not cut ties with Fateh


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The episode starts with Gurpreet lashing out with Fateh that because of him they lost Tejo and now she has no expectations from him. Fateh says he will never forget his family but he can’t accept his mother’s hatred. Khushbeer tells Gurpreet to not stop Fateh, as he has decided everything already. Fateh hugs his mother and pleads before her to not cut ties with him. Angad folds his hands and requests Fateh’s family for Fateh. He asks them to forgive him as he is their son. At least for the sake of Tejo they should forgive him. Gurpreet hugs Fateh and everyone gets emotional. Tejo smiles. Fateh hugs Khushbeer and they cry together. Tejo and Angad leave the house. Tejo recalls Jasmine’s words that she is going to Canada with Fateh.

Jasmine stops Tejo saying why is she leaving without seeing her bidaai. She mocks Tejo saying the latter should also get married soon so that she becomes happy. Angad tells Jasmine she should think about her own happiness and should start her packing immediately else she will miss the flight. Jasmine taunts Angad saying his fake care for Tejo is amazing despite being her fake fiance. Angad gets shocked. Jasmine tells she won’t reveal the secret to anyone to prevent Tejo from entering Fateh’s life. Angad calls her cunning. Jasmine taunts both Tejo and Fateh saying if they care for each other being fake couple then they should really get married. Angad is about to react but Tejo stops him. Tejo tells Jasmine to stop talking nonsense. Jasmine says she came here to show her the mangalsutra. Tejo’s tricks failed and her love won. She taunts Tejo for doing fake engagement. Still she didn’t get Fateh, as Fateh only belongs to Jasmine. Tejo won’t understand their true love. Tejo replies only lucky people get true love and Jasmine is really lucky. So she should respect it instead of showing pride. Otherwise she may lose her love. Jasmine tells her to stop lecturing. She should worry about her lie, her family will be shocked to know about her fake engagement. Tejo says she knows what she is doing. Jasmine gets over excited thinking about her Canada dream. She is about to slip and Tejo saves her. Tejo tells her to Promise that she will always take care of Fateh as there will be no one to stop her. She won’t do anything which will hurt Fateh. Jasmine angrily says she has no relation with Tejo. Tejo leaves.

Gurpreet gets restless and tries to pack Fateh’s favourite food. Simran and dadi console her. Gurpreet cries saying Fateh didn’t think about her mother as well. Fateh sees them and Simran asks him why he took this step and can’t see his mother’s tears. He didn’t learn any lesson from Simran who suffered a lot. Fateh says he has no other choice except going Canada. Mahi and Amrik request him but in vain.

Tejo’s mother cries saying Jasmine separated Fateh from his family when will she get punishment. Jasmine packs her bag and Fateh says she not even looking at him. She replies they have whole life to see each other but not now. Tejo tells Angad to stop the car. They enter darga and pray together. Angad prays for Tejo’s happiness. Jasmine asks Fateh about their new journey and Fateh says they will start their new journey after knowing his other surprise. Fateh reaches the darga too and prays for Tejo’s happiness as he hurt her a lot.

Episode ends

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