Udaariyaan 28th September 2021 Written Update: Tejo and Fateh get jailed


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The episode starts with Tejo seeking Buzz’s help to find Fateh as she promised to Gurpreet that she will bring him back home. Kushbeer lashes out at Kushbeer for sending Tejo to find Fateh who left Tejo for Jasmine. Biji silences Kushbeer saying to understand a mother’s condition. Satti blames Rupy for Tejo’s condition. She says how difficulty would be for Tejo to see Fateh and Jasmine together and asks to talk to Kushbeer. Mayi says to Kushbeer what the use of his political connection when he can’t find Fateh. Kushbeer says that his political connection got broken because of Fateh and no one will come to help to find Fateh even if they come, he won’t let them help. Nimmo says that Kushbeer will be blamed if anything happens to Fateh. Tejo and Buzzo decide to look for Fateh in Chandigarh as here everyone got to know about Fateh and Jasmine’s affair.

Fateh is sad recalling his mother crying. Jasmine calls Fateh to have food. She asks why he’s not eating. Fateh says that he’s hungry and thinks in mind that Gurpreet must haven’t eaten anything. Other hand Gurpreet refuses to have food. Nimmo goes to kushbeer. She taunts him and says that Gurpreet is adamant to not have food. Biji wants to convince Gurpreet to have food, but Kushbeer stops her. Nimmo asks why he bothers about Tejo when Fateh doesn’t want to live with Tejo. Fateh left the house because of Tejo. His stubbornness supporting Tejo will break this house.

Tejo tells Mayi over phone to assure Gurpreet that they find Fateh. Kushbeer says that Tejo will find Tejo and she has big heart so that she went to find him even after what happened. Tejo is standing with their family despite of having nothing left here. No matter what he will always support Tejo. He leaves.

Tejo and Buzzo show Fateh and Jasmine to the receptionist and learn that they stay here. Tejo asks Buzzo to leave. Tejo goes to Fateh and Jasmine’s room. She knocks on the door. Fateh opens the door and finds Tejo. Jasmine also comes and sees Tejo. Jasmine says that Tejo came here following them. She taunts Tejo and asks Fateh to tell Tejo to leave. Fateh remains silent. Jasmine says that she will leave then. She walks out of the room. Tejo says to Fateh that she has come to take him back home. She clarifies that she didn’t come because she can’t live without him. She threw him out of her life the day when she saw him with Jasmine in the party. She asks to return home as Gurpreet isn’t well.

Jasmine sits in the reception. The receptionist tries to engage conversation with Jasmine. The latter reacts angrily. Tejo says that he left behind his family and his mother, who is crying for him. Fateh says that if she had really cared, she would have done what she was supposed to do. She could have stopped this. Tejo asks what he means. Jasmine argues with the receptionist and threatens to call police. Suddenly police team arrives there. The receptionist runs with his friend and asks Jasmine to hide.

Fateh asks Tejo why she doesn’t go back to her house, he and Jasmine won’t return until she’s there. Tejo says that she’s in his house for Kushbeer’s sake. Suddenly police comes there and catch Fateh and Tejo. The constable bad mouths Fateh and Tejo. Fateh clarifies that they are husband and wife. Police refuses to believe them. Fateh gets angry when the inspector badmouth Tejo.

Fateh holds the inspector’s shirt collar saying that she’s his wife. Tejo calms Fateh down. Tejo shows her mangalsutra as proof. Police says that girls, who came here, bring mangalsutra with them. They drag Tejo and Fateh. Fateh hugs Tejo to protect her. Police seperates them and take them out separately. Jasmine is shown hiding under a table. Jasmine comes out of the hidding and sees police taking Tejo and Fateh. Fateh is looking around for Jasmine. Tejo says that Jasmine is very smart, she must have hidden herself and she won’t come to save her.

At the police station Fateh says that he’s boxer and he’s not involved in this. He asks to give his phone, but police refuses to give. Fateh wants to use his father’s name, but stops recalling Kushbeer’s name. Police puts Tejo and Fateh in the same lock up. Fateh asks to give his phone to talk to the lawyer. The police refuses. Fateh argues with them, but Tejo stops Fateh. Jasmine reaches police station. She wonders what to do, she can’t let Fateh spend the night in the jail that too with Tejo. Jasmine goes to the inspector and says that he arrested her husband by mistake. The inspector asks her husband name. Jasmine says that Fateh singh Virk. The constable says that Fateh is already with her husband.

The episode ends.

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