Udaariyaan 29th August 2022 Written Update: Jasmine begs for Rupy’s forgiveness


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The episode starts with Jasmine crying hugging Rupy. The latter recalls Jasmine eloping with Yash leaving letter. He pushes Jasmine and says to the NGO in charge that Jasmine isn’t his daughter. Jasmine is shocked to hear this. Meanwhile, on the call, Tejo assures Satti who was worried about Rupy as he didn’t return home yet. Back in the NGO Jasmine begs Rupy to forgive her.

She says that Yash married and took her to Canada to take revenge on her. She says that Yash and his mom tortured her and made her life a hell. Rupy recalls Jasmine uploading her and Yash’s photos on the social media and asks her about the same. Jasmine says that Yash used to uploaded those photos to make them all believe that she’s happy there. Jasmine says that they even snatched her phone and locked in a storeroom. She tried many times to escape, but she couldn’t.

Finally she was rescued by the NGO people. She begs Rupy to not abandon her and says that she doesn’t have anyone than him. Rupy refuses to believe Jasmine after all the lies she said. Rupy says that even if what she says is true, she won’t let her reenter their life especially Fateh-Tejo, who are finally happy by God’s grace. He says that no one will accept Jasmine after what she did with them. Jasmine begs to give her a last chance. Rupy says that he has only one daughter.

Tejo says to Fateh to change and sleep while she will tell story to Nehmat and puts her to sleep. Fateh teases Tejo holding her hand. Tejo sees the book that Fateh bought to tell Nehmat about them being her adopted parents. In the NGO, Rupy begins to leave ignoring Jasmine’s pleadings. He is stopped by Naaz.

The latter asks if he is her grandpa. Jasmine says to Rupy that she’s Naaz, her granddaughter. Rupy gets emotional to see Naaz. Back to the house, Tejo says to Fateh that he is right, they should tell Nehmat the truth. She says that their family’s love for Nehmat will help Nehmat to accept the truth and she will learn with time that relation of hearts are more valuable than blood relations. Fateh gets glad that Tejo understand his point.

Tejo tells that they should also tell the family the truth. In The NGO, Rupy says to Naaz that he isn’t her grandpa, he only knows her mom. Jasmine begs Rupy to accept her for Naaz’s sake. Rupy refuses. He says that he will make arrangements for her food and stay and asks her to not expect anything more from him. He begins to leave. Naaz says to Jasmine that she’s hungry. Jasmine says that she doesn’t have anything to give her. She hugs Naaz. Rupy cries hearing this, yet he leaves.

Tejo says to Fateh that family should not that Nehmat isn’t Jasmine and Amritsar child and Nehmat’s real parents identity. She says that they have rights to know it. Fateh says that theur family can start judging Nehmat after learning that her dad is a criminal. He mentions how Tejo doubted Nehmat just before.

Tejo feels guilty of her act and apologizes. She promises to not repeat it again. Fateh says that he understand and says that nothing is important to them than Nehmat. Tejo says that she knows that’s why she forgave even Jasmine as she gave them Nehmat. Fateh says that God gave them Nehmat, so her real parents identity doesn’t matter. He hugs in order to comfort her.

In the NGO, the in charge gives food packets and money to Jasmine. Naaz takes the food packet and starts to eat it. The lady in charge says that Rupy said that he will soon arrange for her stay too. Rupy sees hiding Naaz and Jasmine eating by feeding each other and cries. Meanwhile Tejo makes Nehmat drink milk. Nehmat asks Tejo if she knows what she asked to God before blowing the candle. Tejo says that she knows. Nehmat asks how. Tejo and Nehmat laugh and say that mom knows everything. On the other hand Rupy gets determined to never let Jasmine return in Fateh, Tejo and Jasmine’s life.

Back in the Virk’s house, Nehmat gets elated for getting two similar gifts. She says to Tejo that God gave her sign that she will soon get a sister and says that she will her this another gift. Tejo thinks that if Jasmine was here, she would have also have a daughter and their both’s daughters will be sisters. Tejo says to Nehmat that she’s a good girl and asks to be always like a good and caring. Nehmat says ok. Tejo kisses Nehmat’s forehead. Meanwhile Jasmine wishes that she could be a nice person and gave Naaz a good life.

Satti finds Rupy sitting outside the house and asks him what happened and where he has gone. Rupy gives her some excuse. Satti senses that Rupy is disturbed and asks what happened. Rupy denies and says that he is fine. In the morning Fateh requests Tejo to convince Nehmat that he is going two days out of the city for boxing training. Gurpreet teases Fateh saying that he has changed after Nehmat’s arrival.

At the school Mallika says to Nehmat that her brother is also also joined their school and expresses her excitement to study and play with him. She says that he is a very good football player. Just then a ball is about to hit Mallika. Nehmat holds it. A group of boys come. Nehmat asks who throws the ball. Meanwhile Jasmine is with Naaz in the new house. Naaz gets glad to see aloo paratha. She asks if they will stay in this house hereafter. Jasmine nods yes.

Naaz asks when they will meet her grandparents. Jasmine thinks how unlucky she’s to stay in this house with Naaz despite of having a big family. Back to the school, the boy mocks Nehmat saying that she can’t play football. Nehmat says that she can do lot of things. She challenges him to take the ball from her first. The boy chases Nehmat. He makes her fall. Nehmat makes the boy fall. They both fight.

The episode ends.

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