Udaariyaan 29th November 2021 Written Update: Jasmine does her own bidai


Udaariyaan 29th November 2021 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Fateh spotting Tejo washing plates in the temple and moving towards her. Angad notices Fateh. Angad places his hand over Fateh’s shoulder and leaves. Fateh looks at Tejo. Jasmine comes to Sandhus to take her things to Canada.

Fateh says to Tejo that he cannot give her anything else than pain and says that God’s bless will be with her. He wishes that Tejo to be always happy away from him. He requests Tejo to look towards him at least once. Tejo doesn’t move. Fateh says that he has to leave now. Tejo looks towards Fateh and asks to take care of himself and Jasmine. Fateh leaves. Tejo looks towards Fateh and cries recalling her moments with Fateh. The latter looks at Tejo before walking out of the temple. Dilraj scolds Jasmine saying that she snatched away everything from Tejo. Jasmine says that Dilraj will come to her to Canada asking for job. She says that all of them will have to come to her.

Rupy shouts stop. He takes all things of Jasmine and throws everything out of the house and asks Jasmine to leave. Jasmine reminds to her family that they have given her the dream to go to Canada and says what all did to get their daughters a Canada guy’s alliance. Jasmine says that she’s fulfilling their dream, but Tejo could not fulfill it. She says that they would have happily sent off if it was Tejo in her place. Rupy tries to slap Jasmine, but Jasmine holds his hand saying that she’s not anymore his daughter, but someone else’s wife. Biji admits that they have given her the dream of going to Canada,but didn’t teach her to snatch her sister’s husband to fulfill it. Rupy lashes out at Jasmine and asks her to get out. Jasmine agrees and does her send off by herself. Tejo heard everything and cries.

The episode ends.

Precap: Fateh and Jasmine are in the airport. Jasmine hugs Fateh in excitement. Tejo tells to Rupy that she did fake engagement with Angad so that they attend Fateh and Jasmine wedding.

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