Udaariyaan 2nd August 2022 Written Update: Jasmine makes a shocking announcement


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The episode starts with Tejo coming out of the washroom. Fateh tries to comfort Tejo. He says that nothing is more important than Tejo for him. He says that he doesn’t need his own child since Tejo is his happiness and his life. Gurpreet gets shocked overhearing Fateh and Tejo’s talk and drops the tea cup and tray she brought. Tejo and Fateh notice her presence hearing the cup shattering noise. They look on worried. Fateh goes after Gurpreet to console her.

Simran drops Candy at his school. A mystery man is shown observing them. Simran also senses his presence. She asks Candy to not come out of the school till she comes to take him. Candy agrees. Simran looks for that man, but she doesn’t find him. Other hand Gurpreet breaks down in tears saying that their family won’t have their own heir and wonders how to tell Biji this. Fateh tries to console her. Tejo cries hard seeing this. Fateh assures Gurpreet to find any solution.

Simran shouts at Candy. The latter gets angry and leaves. Simran receives the mystery man’s call. Simran asks why he didn’t come in front of her when he came to Candy’s school. He says that the right time didn’t come. Simran threatens to register police complaint against him. He says that it will make his way more easier while her way more difficult. He laughs evilly. Simran gets worried finding the voice similar. Someone knocks at the door. Simran takes a vase to attack the person and opens the door. On seeing Buzzo Simran bursts into tears and tells about the mystery caller coming to Candy’s shool. Buzzo wants to call police. Simran refuses stating that he warned to not go to the police.

Fateh meets Jasmine and says that he wants to make a deal. Jasmine is interested to know what the deal is about. Fateh says that Jasmine gives birth to her child in the Virks houseelse he will tell Tejo her truth. Jasmine tries to scare Fateh stating Tejo won’t be able to bear the truth. Fateh threatens to tell Jasmine’s trith to the police too. He warns her and walks away. Jasmine wonders what could be the reason for Fateh who wanted to keep her away from Tejo now wants to take her home.

Fateh comes to Tejo and finds her crying. Tejo says that she can’t become a mother, so her life doesn’t have meaning and wonders how to live it. Fateh reminds Tejo that she said that he is also a child. He says that he needs her care and love. He assures to fulfill her dream of having a child. He says that they can adopt a child. Tejo says that she realizes that she got selfish and forgot his pain of not becoming a father. Tejo says that Gurpreet and no one in the family will agree them to adopt a baby. Fateh says that he found a solution for Gurpreet get her heir. He reminds her that they’re together in this tough time. He comforts her.

Simran is making Candy do his homework. Someone knocks at the door. Simran sees a shadow. She sends Candy to the room and goes out to check. Simran gets worried finding photos of herself, Buzzo and Candy together. At the Virks family cries learning about Tejo not being able to give birth to a child. Nimmo taunts about Tejo being infertile and calls her unlucky. Fateh and Gurpreet come and scold Nimmo for speaking against Tejo being a woman. Just then Jasmine comes there. Jasmine scolds Nimmo for taunting Tejo. Tejo cries hearing this. Jasmine says to Gurpreet that she will give heir to this family. Gurpreet gets happy while Fateh looks on stunned.

The episode ends.

Precap: The mystery man comes at Virks doorstep. Tejo asks who he is. He tries to flirt with Tejo. He asks to call Simran. The latter comes and looks on shocked on seeing that man. Tejo looks on confused.

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