Udaariyaan 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Harleen makes a promise to Jasmine


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The episode starts with the guests talks about Ekam saving Nehmat over Harleen. Nehmat makes an excuse then leaves the place. Ekam sees her. Jasmine stops Ekam and asks him to not to hurt Harleen atleast this day. Ekam taunts her for not thinking about Nehmat saving Harleen’s life then leaves the place. Jasmine gets furious. Nehmat cries hard in the washroom thinking she made a mistake by attending the engagement. Jasmine gives her phone to Harleen saying her friends wants to talk to her. Harleen’s friends asks Harleen to introduce her fiancee to them. Harleen goes to find Ekam. Ekam comes to meet Nehmat. Nehmat asks him to be with Harleen because the guests are always gossiping about their relationship and she don’t want to ruin Harleen’s happiness. Ekam asks her then what about his happiness.

Nehmat asks Ekam to follow his heart. Ekam tells the story which she changed he is trying to change his character too but he can’t able to change his character. Nehmat tells him he has to change his nature. Ekam asks her if she truly wished him to move on then why did she attended his engagement. Is she wants to remind him what they lost. Nehmat tells no and tells him she wants nothing from him so asks him to stop following her everywhere. Ekam tells her he can’t stop worrying about her at all. He also shares her suspicious about Adavit behind the attack. He also tells her that he started the investigation if his suspicion confirmed then he won’t spare Advait at all then leaves. Harleen gets sad hearing the conversation of Ekam and Nehmat. She thinks no matter what both Ekam and Nehmat will love each other.

Here, Ekam confirms he is the one who he saw in the venue after the artist makes sketch of Advait’s goon. He then instructs his subordinates to circulate the sketch and locate the attacker at any cost. He also asks two of his subordinates to never leave Nehmat’s side as her life is in danger. Meanwhile Nehamt recalls Ekam’s words and wonders whether Ekam is right about Advait behind whatever happened today. She also grows anxious recalling Advait’s act towards her previously. She then decides to stay away from both Ekam and Harleen to not to create more problems for them. Nehmat also decides to expose Advait at any cost. Harleen recalls everything that happened and cries silently. She sees Jasmine so wipes her tears and pretends to be happy.

Jasmine asks her not to pretend infront of her because a mother knows when her child is in pain. She then accuses Nehmat and asks Harleen to stay away from her. But Harleen supports Nehmat saying she is the one who saved her. Jasmine asks Harleen to not to believe Nehmat at all as she is just like Tejo. Harleen says that Nehmat is the reason behind Ekam accepting her also they both are sisters so they can’t hurt one another. Jasmine laughs at her in a mockery way and tells her she will now tell her story of two sisters. She tells her the younger sister is innocent but the elder one is cunning and snatched the formers happiness so asks Harleen to never let anyone to snatch her happiness from her at all. She also makes Harleen promise that she will enjoy her wedding rituals which will take place for the next ten days then leaves. Harleen looks on.

Adavit tells himself that Nehmat has no other option but to die and her accident should happen today itself. He instructs his men to keep him updated about Nehmat. In Sandhu’s house Nehmat tells Rupy and Satti that she is going to meet the divorce lawyer who is Rupy’s friend Sury to process her divorce with Advait. She also refuses to take Rupy with her and assures them her safety then leaves. She finds two cops and gets upset realising Ekam must have send them. She leaves the place in an auto. Advait’s men informs Adavai about Nehmat’s whereabouts. Advait asks him to follow Nehmat until he arrives. Nehmat meets Sury and asks whether Advait agrees to divorce her. Sury tells her if Advait refuses to give divorce then he should give valid reason. Advait arrives there and approaches Nehmat by accelerating his car speed while Nehmat and Sury are walking on the road engaged in a conversation and fails to notice the car.

Precap: Advait takes the blood stained car to a deserted place and asks his men to burn it then goes to his house. Shamsher asks Naaz to accompany Advait to the hospital as Nehmat met with an accident. Harleen informs Ekam about Nehmat’s accident and the latter gets shocked.

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