Udaariyaan 30th June 2022 Written Update: Jasmine triggers Tejo’s anxiety


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The episode starts with Tejo fighting with the kid Shampy for breaking her toy fan. She ousts him out of the room. Shampyasks Jasmine who that crazy girl is. He wanted that toy fun, but she didn’t give him. Jasmine says it’s ok and takes him to the storeroom to get him some other toys. She sees firecrackers placed there. She says to Shampy to take what he wants and leaves from there on the pretext to get milkshake for him. Tejo fixes the toy fan and plays with it on the terrace. Shampy takes the firecrackers. Jasmine smirks seeing this. Jasmine goes to the family. She teases Abhiraj and the girl. He asks them to dance and play loud music. They all dance. Jasmine goes from there without anyone’s knowledge.

Shampy comes to the terrace taking firecrackers. He wants to scare Tejo for not giving the toy fan. So he places that firecrackers on the floor and ignites them. He runs from there. Jasmine watches this and smiles. Tejo gets scared when the firecrackers blast. Tejo shouts for help, but her family doesn’t hear her scream due to loud music. Jasmine gets happy seeing this. Jasmine comes back to her family and dances with them. She thinks that Tejo is coming to ruin their happiness.

Tejo comes to her room and shouts Fateh’s name in fear. She remembers the trick Fateh taught her to use when she’s scared. She touches her face with her fingers by closing her eyes. Other side Fateh is in the meeting. He says Tejo and touches his face with his fingers. He wonders if Tejo is fine. He leaves the meeting and call Sandhus to know if Tejo is fine. He wonders why no one is receiving his calls. Jasmine comes upstairs wondering why Tejo didn’t come down stairs yet. Jasmine is shocked finding Tejo calm. She thinks of doing something to trigger her fear.

Shampy says that he is thirsty and wants water. Jasmine thinks that this is the chance. She says that she will get water for him. She leaves. Tejo thinks if she should go out, she says no as Satti forbade her from going out. Fateh is on the way in bike. Jasmine turns off the main switch board so the lights go off in the whole house. They light candles. Satti goes to give torchlight for Tejo so that she doesn’t get sacred. Jasmine says that she will gave it to Tejo. Jasmine says that Tejo needs candle not emergency light. Jasmine lights a candle and takes it to Tejo.

Tejo thinks that Fateh has come. She says that she’s scared and not to play with her. Jasmine comes in with the candle. Tejo gets sacred on seeing the fire. Jasmine mocks Tejo saying that she’s scared. She asks Tejo to call Fateh to save her. Jasmine scares Tejo that this room and everything will catch fire if this candle drops from her hand. Tejo gets frightened. Rupy gets worried about Tejo and goes to Tejo. Harman stops Rupy as he wants to talk to Rupy about the alliance. Rupy asks Satti to check. Lovely stops Satti saying that Jasmine has gone to see Tejo. Here Jasmine scares Tejo that the room is going to burn and makes her run from there.

Family is about to finalize Abhiraj’s marriage. Tejo arrives there running. She gets more scared on seeing all the candles. She screams and throws the pillows. Family tries to console Tejo, but in vain. A candle falls on the carpet. Shiny’s dupatta catches fire. Rupy puts the fire out pouring water. Jasmine watches this smiling hiding. Rupy pours water over Tejo and calms her down. The lights come back. Lovely says to Satti to take Tejo upstairs. Shiny calls Tejo insane and asks why they are keeping her in the house instead the mental asylum. Rupy gets furious and asks her to get out. Lovely stops Rupy and says that they brought alliance for Abhiraj. Rupy says that he won’t bear anyone speaking against Tejo.

The episode ends.

Precap: Faten asks who took candle to Tejo’s room. Dilraj says that Jasmine. Satti asks Jasmine that she gave her torch. Fateh asks Jasmine why she did like this despite knowing Tejo’s condition. He lashes out at her. Jasmine looks on scared.

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