Udaariyaan 30th March 2021 Written Update: Jazz’s mother demands dowry


Udaariyaan 30th March 2021 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Rubbi (Tejo’s father) asking Jazz about his business. Jazz makes Sandhu’s happy and satisfied by showing someone else’s drug mart photograph named Shoppers Drug Mart. Jazz’s mother praises her son and lies that he has 3 million dollars turnover. Dilraj and whole Sandhu family gets happy hearing it. Satti (Tejo’s mother) tell Jazz and his mother that they are small people but will organize marriage at a large scale and will fulfill their any kind if demands too. Jazz impress Sandhu family and Tejo by lying that he hates Dowry word and doesn’t want any dowry. Jazz ask Tejo why is so silent. Jasmine asks Tejo to show Jazz their house. 

On the other side Fateh is seen really very angry on his way to Jasmine’s house. He tells Buzzo that he will confront/beat Jazz and then will ask Jasmine’s parents to marry their daughter Jasmine. Tejo and Jazz talk to each other on terrace. To impress Tejo more Jazz lies more and more, he asks Tejo if her parents are forcing her for marriage. He also tells her a fake story that recently he met a girl for marriage but she was in love with someone else, so he himself refused for marriage.

Buzzo asks Fateh if he will not take his parents agreement before marrying Jasmine. Fateh says he will think about later. Tejo thanks Jazz and tells that there is no pressure from her parents side and she even doesn’t have any affair. Jasmine and Satti prepare food for Jazz and his mother. They pray for Tejo and Jazz’s marriage. Tejo asks Jazz why he wants to marry even after being so good-looking educated and we’ll settled. Jazz recalls the preparations he did to answer Tejo’s all questions. Jazz again lies that his Daadi used to say marriages happen by fate. Tejo ask him does get believe in fate. 

Jazz replies that he thinks that marriage is a life-long partnership between two people. He says he wish for a wife who is intelligent, soft-spoken, beautiful and most importantly who takes her decisions herself. He impresses Tejo by saying that the day he saw her, he decided that she will be his life partner.  He makes Tejo smile by saying that her being a professor is cherry on the cake. He again recalls his preparations and ask Tejo to accept him as her life partner. He lies more and more that people not like working daughter-in-laws but his mother doesn’t believe in all this. In Tejo’s absence Jazz’s mother gives Tejo’s family a big list of her guests for marriage and makes some demands by being sweet. Satti accepts the list. Jazz’s mother requests them to not tell Jazz about all this as he is of modern thinking.

Jazz’s mother shows someone’s bungalow as their bungalow in Canada. Jazz recalling his preparations lies to Tejo that he has no problem from the doing job or studies. On Tejo’s questions about babies, he says that they can have babies after 3 years if their marriage. Jasmine brings coffee for them. Jasmine sends Tejo to Satti and talks to Jazz.  Fateh reach near Jasmine’s house and get angry on seeing Jasmine and Jazz talking together. Buzzo stops Fateh from attacking Jazz with a stone. Tejo returns to Jazz and Jasmine leaves. He asks Tejo about Fateh. Tejo recalls Fateh and tells Jazz everything about Fateh and say that he is bad person. Jazz also tells Tejo’s that Fateh tried stopping him from coming to her house.

Tejo decides to do something about Fateh. Jasmine gets happy on getting a brooch from Jazz’s mother who told her that she bought it for her from Canada. Tejo recalls seeing Fateh below her house and thinks to get information about him and also what he wants from her. Fateh in anger tells his friends that he will go to his Father and tell him about Jasmine and that he wants to marry her. Aman (Fateh’s brother) stops him by making him emotional. Aman enacts his father and lighten up everyone’s mood. Aman tells Fateh that he has an idea to convince their father. On the other side Rubbi asks Tejo her decision about marriage with Jazz. Tejo says that she liked Jazz’s thinking but will tell the decision after marriage. Her family gets happy. Satti ask Tejo to take her time and decide.