Udaariyaan 30th March 2022 Written Update: Fateh and Tejo get intimate


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The episode starts with Tejo bumping into a man. She notices that he is hiding a knife in his bag. She asks him who he is. Jasmine comes there and says that he is Chetan, a cook. Tejo says that Gurpreet arranged the cook. Jasmine says that she has called him since he is great a cook. She leaves taking that man. Tejo wonders why Jasmine seems nervous. The singer Sunanda Sharma arrive at there and meets Angad. She teases him with Tejo. Angad takes him to meet all.

Sunanda Sharma sings a song and all enjoys. After that Nimmo comes to Gurpreet and wishes her happy holi. They discuss about Swaran. Nimmo speaks against Swaran. She says that Swaran threw her sons out of the house after her husband’s death and her attitude also changed after knowing her husband wrote the house on her name. Just then Jasmine and Amrik come to them and wish Nimmo happy holi. They leave. Nimmo says to Gurpreet to be careful with Jasmine. She says that she doesn’t trust Jasmine, she doesn’t like her. Gurpreet says to Nimmo that she doesn’t like the way she’s talking about Swaran.

Jasmine scolds Chetan and checks the rope he has which is in his bag. She tells him to do whatever he is supposed in the background area of this place. The man nods ok and leaves. Angad sees this and wonders what Jasmine is up to. Sunanda Sharma sings another song. All enjoys it. Fateh-Tejo, Sunanda -Angad and Amrik-Jasmine dance together.

Amrik thinks of spiking the bhang and gives it to Jasmine in order to make her spill the truth. Angad spikes a bhang class and asks the waiter to give it to Jasmine. But Satti drinks it. She asks the waiter to bring more this type of bhang. Angad asks Jasmine what it’s cooking up in her mind. Jasmine taunts him and leaves. Angad says that he needs to keep an eye on Jasmine. Navraj and Mahi are also keeping an eye on Jasmine as they don’t trust her and they discuss about it. They decide to give Jasmine spiked bhang to make her spill the plan if she has one. Angad sees this and gets glad that he is not alone to doubt Jasmine.

Tejo tries to stop Fateh from drinking bhang. Fateh and Tejo have a competition and they drink bhang. Mahi and Navraj make Jasmine drink bhang. All gets intoxicated and enjoys the holi. Fateh and Tejo play with water pipe and they both get completely drenched. Fateh lifts Tejo and takes her from there. Jasmine sees this. She phones Chetan. She says that all are intoxicated and asks him to wait for her phone and do exactly what she told. Jasmine feels dizzy and realises that she’s also intoxicated and worries about her planning.

Fateh brings Tejo to the room. Tejo says that she’s hungry. He gives her ladu. Tejo asks when he started to love her. Fateh says that long back, but it was spoiled by the pain given by Jasmine. Other hand Jasmine tries to Fateh and Tejo. Mahi takes her from there. Angad sees this. Here Fateh apologize to Tejo for the pain he gave her. Fateh says that he has done everything in his possibility to win her. Tejo says that he loves her so much. She says that she wants to play holi. Fateh and Tejo apoly color on each other and get intimated.

The episode ends.

Precap: Jasmine phones Tejo and calls her to a place saying that she’s in a big trouble. Mahila asks her family about Tejo and says that she doubts that Jasmine is up to something. She saw her with a man, who has a big bag. Family looks on worried.

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