Udaariyaan 31st March 2021 Written Update: Fateh tries to convince his family for his marriage


Udaariyaan 31st March 2021 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Fateh and Aman with their family in a restaurant. Fateh’s mother, grandmother, sister and Aman see Fateh romancing some other women. It is revealed that it was Fateh and his siblings plan to show his bad side to Virk family. Their first plan to convince Fateh’s family about doing Fateh’s marriage to make disciplined by marrying him fails.

They make another plan and show Fateh as drunken. Aman, Mahi and Buzzo with Fateh try to fool and convince Virk family to get Fateh married to stop his bad habits. Their second plan too fails when Fateh’s family doesn’t show any problem after seeing him drunk. Fateh with Aman and Buzzo discuss that if their family doesn’t get convinced Jasmine will get married. Tejo stops Fateh from playing football. Both of them get into a tiff. He ask her to go away. Tejo doesn’t budge and says to Fateh that he might like him but she doesn’t. He denies and say that she is having some misunderstanding he doesn’t like her. Tejo says he came behind her on his bike. Fateh too gets angry on Tejo and ask her to stop. He asks her to shut up talking bad about him. He says he doesn’t like her and didn’t followed her. 

Before Tejo could ask him about coming to her house day before Jasmine calls her. Tejo warns Fateh to stay away and leaves angrily. Fateh too looks at her angrily. Tejo’s family pray for Tejo and watch Tejo and Jazz’s second meet on Video Call with Jasmine’s help. Sandhu’s ask Jasmine to make Jazz eat their village’s famous chole bhature. Sandhu’s think that Tejo will surely say yes for marriage. Jazz’s car stops. Jazz informs his mother about him impressing Tejo in his second meet with her. Jazz makes his mother happy by telling her that he is sure that Tejo fall in their trap and got impressed by him. Both mother son feels happy that now Tejo will surely say yes to Jazz. Jasmine and Fateh see sky at their respective homes at night.

Fateh decides to do hunger strike and convince his family for his marriage with Jasmine. Fateh gets angry on Buzzo for beating Jazz. Tejo suspects Fateh behind it even after Jazz’s statement that it was not Fateh. Fateh decides to go to hospital and apologize to Jazz. Doctor informs Tejo that Jazz will discharge soon. Buzzo goes to see if Jazz called police or not. Tejo apologize to Jazz for suffering such an incident in her village. Fateh finds Jasmine and think to apologize to her first. Before, going to Jasmine Fateh sees Tejo with Jazz. He gets to know that Jasmine and Tejo are sisters through hospital nurse. He hides from Jasmine. Tejo asks Jasmine to bring juice for Jazz. 

Precap: Fateh will get to know that Tejo is actually marrying Jazz and gets happy. Jasmine discuss with Tejo that Fateh is some lover. Fateh will think how to make Jasmine love him.