Udaariyaan 3rd August 2022 Written Update: Virks are shocked with Candy’s father arrival


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The episode starts with Jasmine saying that she dropped her Canada dream for Tejo’s sake. Nimmo taunts Jasmine and asks if the Canada guy ran away. Gurpreet scolds Nimmo. Jasmine says that Tejo did lot for her and she got an opportunity to repay it so she won’t go out of her hand that chance. She says that some won’t believe her, but she doesn’t care and doesn’t want to prove anyone. She says that she will stay in this house and Amrik’s child will born in this house. Tejo cries hearing this. Virks get happy. Fateh doubts Jasmine’s intention. Biji hugs Jasmine and blesses her.

Jasmine remembers overhearing Satti and Tejo’s conversation about Tejo being infertile and adopting a baby. Tejo hugs Jasmine. She says that Jasmine doesn’t need to sacrifice her dream for her. Jasmine says that it’s not easy for her, but she wants to try. Jasmine says that she has a condition. She says that Tejo should take the responsibility of this child and look after her. Tejo nods yes and hugs Jasmine. Jasmine smirks looking at Fateh. Fateh hugs Tejo and thinks of protecting Tejo and family from Jasmine.

Simran is in video call. She says that the mystery person has their photos. She says that he is monitoring them inside and outside the house. She is scared and asks him to come home soon. He says that he has some important work and assures to return soon. She advises her to keep the window and door closed.

At the Sandhus Satti and Rupy discuss about Jasmine decision of staying at the Virks. Rupy doubts Jasmine’s intention and says that he doesn’t trust her. He says that Jasmine isn’t selfless to give her baby to the Virks. He says that Jasmine must have a hidden motive behind her act.

Jasmine is happily dancing in the terrace. She says that she can make all dance to her tune using her baby. Fateh is worried about Jasmine’s presence at home. He thinks of always keeping an eye on her. Tejo brings Fateh’s favorite ginger tea. Fateh and share the tea and have it. Tejo expresses her joy about Jasmine’s decision.

Fateh requests Tejo to think about adoption. Tejo assures him that she will, but for now she has to take care of Jasmine. She says that they together to find a solution. Tejo asks Fateh to drop off her at Simran’s house as she has to return Candy’s toy and also Simran was worried when they meet last time. Fateh is happy that the caring Tejo is back.

Tejo meets Simran and asks what brothers her. Simran says that nothing serious and she and Buzzo can sort it out. Tejo says to Simran to go to the Virks house as Buzzo isn’t at home. Candy also insists. Simran agrees. Later at the Virks a mysterious arrive. He praises Tejo’s beauty and offers a flower bouquet. Tejo warns him for his misbehavior. He goes in. Tejo asks him who is and asks to get out.

The man claims that this is his house and all knows him. He asks to see Simran and says that she will apologize to her behavior after that. Tejo asks how he is related to Simran. Just then Simran comes and gets shocked on seeing the man. The man asks Simran if he didn’t recognize her. He says that he used an app to change his voice so she might not recognize his voice. Simran says Amanpreet and looks on scared. Amanpreet holds Simran’s hand. Tejo warns him for misbehaving and asks to move away. He obliges. He walks close to Simran talking. Tejo protects Simran and asks him to get out.

Fateh comes asking Tejo what happened. He stands shocked seeing the man. Other family members also come and Amanpreet misbehaves with all. Fateh gets angry when he holds Mahi’s hand. He says to Fateh to give him treat to marry a pretty girl and sits on the couch. Tejo asks Fateh who is that man who is misbehaving with all. The man says that he is Amanpreet and he is Candy’s father.

The episode ends.

Precap: Tejo scolds Amanpreet and asks what rights he has on Candy. Amanpreet Tejo asked the right question and shows Candy’s DNA test. Jasmine friends call her and invite for a party. Jasmine wonders whom to convince to go to that party.

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