Udaariyaan 3rd December 2022 Written Update:


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The episode starts with Ekam and Nehmat reconciling. It turns out to be their dream. They come to reality and Nehmat begins to walk. Ekam calls out to Nehmat. Ekam says that they will talk after Mallika’s wedding. Nehmat is elated to hear this and nods yes. Ekam smiles and leaves. Variya song plays in the BG. Nehmat thanks God and hopes that everything will be fine after Mallika’s wedding.

At Kapoor’s house, Rama asks where the grooms’ shervanis are. Prince assures Rama that he will make the grooms ready and get them on the wedding mandap. Shamsher is happily telling someone about his sons wedding. Rama goes to him and asks him to go inside the house and see his sons in grooms’ avatar. She says that he seems very happy. Shamsher recalls Jasmine’s words and says that he finally got rid of a sword which was hanging over his head. He asks Rama to go inside and he will join her later. He hopes that everything will be fine after the wedding.

Advait, Mallika, Naaz and Nikhil are getting ready for the wedding. Nehmat helps Naaz to get ready. Naaz is glad that she got Nikhil, who is a better boyfriend than Nehmat and Mallika’s boyfriend. She thinks that she will rule in that house. Nehmat hugs Naaz, feeling happy for her. There, Shamsher says to Advait that this wedding is going to fulfill his dreams and all the cameras’ focus will be on Mallika. Here, Naaz says that all the media focuses will be on her, so she should look picture perfect. Nehmat advises Naaz to focus on her love and her future husband, Nikhil. Nehmat recalls Ekam’s words and smiles. There, Shamsher says to advait to pretend in front of the media as an ideal family man who loves his family and wife. He says that Mallika just lost her dad, so he should become Mallika’s support system in front of the media, as such things attract people. Shamsher thinks that Jazz Aluwalia thinks of having control of everything, but he will teach her once the wedding happens.

Jasmine is watching Naaz getting ready through the video call with Shelly. She boasts that Naaz is lucky to have her as her mom. She recalls Naaz refusing to accept her as her mom. Jasmine says that Naaz will forgive her after what she had planned for her today and will thank her. She says that Naaz was ready to ruin her life by marrying Nikhil, but she saved her. She says that whatever she’s doing is right for her. Here, Satti removes the evil eyes from Naaz. Satti feels bad that Nazz’s mom isn’t with her on her wedding day. There, Jasmine feels lucky that Naaz is going to get married to such a wealthy family and plans to gift the diamond necklace to Naaz after her wedding with Advait.

Mallika phones Advait and expresses how much she misses her dad. Advait consoles and says that his blessings are always with them. At Sandhus’ house, Sandus hear Naaz screaming and go to check. They find Naaz crying as her lehenga got stained. Naaz cries and shouts, lamenting about her lehenga being ruined just a few hours before the wedding. Shelly says that haldi fell on the lehenga. Nehmat says that it looks like paint. Shelly becomes nervous and recalls spoiling Naaz lehenga sneaking into her room in the night. Naaz becomes agitated and asks Nehmat to find a solution, as she always has a solution for every problem. Nehmat decides to go to the market to get a new lehenga. Naaz says that they don’t have time to correct the fitting and refuses to compromise on her wedding lehenga. Shelly says that she has a solution for Naaz. She says that she has a surprise for her and goes to get it. Nikhil video calls Naaz. Naaz wonders what to tell him. Nehmat says that she will talk to him. Nehmat says to Nikhil that Naaz is getting ready for the wedding, so she can’t talk. Nikhil asks Nehmat to convey to Naaz that she loves her a lot. There, Shamsher ties Advait and Nikhil’s sehra. Here, Shelly gives Naaz the lehenga that Jasmine gave her. Naaz is elated to see the lehenga and thanks Shelly. The latter says that she bought it to gift Naaz as a surprise on her send off, but she has to give it now. Nehmat thanks Shelly. Elsewhere, Mallika also gets ready in the same design lehenga. Jasmine laughs and says who told couples are made in heaven, she is the real matchmaker. She says that it will be interesting when Naaz becomes Mrs Advait Kapoor.

The episode ends.