Udaariyaan 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Advait refuses to give divorce to Nehmat


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The episode starts with Swaroop scolds both Rupy and Satti for not listening to her. She also takes Jasmine’s name saying they are repeating the same mistake with Nehmat. Rupy tells Nehmat isn’t Jasmine then leaves. Swaroop asks Satti to listen to her. Satti tells her she want Nehmat’s happiness for that she is going to temple to pray for the same then leaves. Advait’s goon informs him this is the right for him to execute his plan. Adavait drives towards Nehmat and Sury. Satti prays to God for Nehmat’s safety. Adavait’s goon distracts the officer’s who is to protect Nehmat. They goes and tries to stop the two men fighting on the road. Sury joins Nehmat and they both are on the road. Advait approaches Nehmat with his car. But he hits Sury instead of Nehmat. He then drives off from there. Nehmat rushes to Sury. She seeks help from the public. Ekam’s subordinates arrives there and takes Sury to the hospital. Nehmat cries and realises it was supposed to be her in place of Sury but the latter unnecessarily get hurt. Satti in temple prays to God. Harleen sees Nehmat so she rushes to her and learns about Sury’s accident. Here Advait gives his car to his men and asks to destroy the proof then leaves the place.

Nehmat blames herself for Sury’s accident. Harleen calms her down and takes her with her to home. Shamsher shouts at Advait for the blunder he made. He then asks Advait to visit Nehmat to maintain his good husband image. Advait refuses so Shamsher slaps him. Samsher then asks Naaz to accompany Advait to the Sandhu’s to check up on Nehmat who got into an accident. Naaz gets shocked but obliges. In Sandhu’s Nehmat tells everyone the accident is planned one and it was her who was supposed to be in place of Sury. Swaroop and Nehmat’s uncle refuses to believe Nehmat’s words. Nehmat’s uncle says they don’t have any solid proof against Advait. Harleen asks Ekam to come to the Sandhu’s informing about Nehmat’s state. Naaz arrives there and pretends to be worry for her. Nehmat sees Advait is also arrived. She asks him what is he doing here. Advait pretends and says he was worried for her after learning about her accident.

Nehmat shouts at him to stop his acting also accuses him for trying to kill her. She then asks Rupy to make Advait leave. Rupy requests the same to Advait but the latter refuses and says he is here to talk to his wife. Nehmat takes him to the room and asks him his real motive behind his visit also threatens not to spare him and waiting for a proof. Advait acts and says he doesn’t know what she is taking about and calls her crazy. Nehmat asks him to divorced her and gives the divorce papers but Advait tears the papers then says they can only able to get separate when one of them dies then leaves the place. Harleen watches this and gets determined to free Nehmat from Advait.

Swaroop supports Advait saying he has nothing to do with accident so he came to check up on Nehmat. Nehmat pleads not to fall for his act. Harleen supports Nehmat and says they have to find a proof against Advait. Rupy gets furious and decides not to spare whoever behind this. Nehmat stops him saying she don’t want to put him in danger because of her. Harman supports Rupy. Ekam arrives there and asks Nehmat is she fine and holds her shoulder. Nehmat distance himself from her. Sandhu’s gets uncomfortable seeing Ekam’s worry for Nehmat. Ekam shouts at Nehmat and her family members for not listening to him. He then tells he won’t spare Advait. Nehmat asks Ekam to stop doing all this for her as he has to now focus on his new life. Ekam tells Nehmat as a ASP it’s his duty to save every citizen. He then orders Nehmat to not to leave the house also says whether she likes it or not Nehmat will have securities wherever she goes. Harleen watches them and gets sad. Nehmat tries to stop Ekam but the latter leaves angrily. She pleads Harleen to stop Ekam. Harleen obliges and follows Ekam hiding her tears. Nehmat hugs Rupy and cries hard.

The episode ends.

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