Udaariyaan 4th August 2022 Written Update: Virks file a police complaint against Aman


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The episode starts with Aman claiming that he is Candy’s father. Jasmine sees him from the upstairs and wonders who he is. Aman asks Simran to make tea and says that she knows he likes it sweeter. Simran recalls Aman scolding and beating her for not making the tea as he wanted. Candy comes back home. Aman gives Candy chocolates. Candy refuses to take chocolates from stranger. Aman is about to say that he is his father.

Tejo stops him. She asks Mahi to take Candy inside. Mahi obliges. Tejo lashes out at Aman for dumping Simran years ago and returning now to claim his rights on Candy. She asks for proof that he is Candy’s dad. Aman praises Tejo for her intelligence. Fateh gets furious and tries to beat Aman. Family and Tejo stop Fateh. Gurpreet wants to call police. Aman says that if they call police, all will learn that Simran gave birth to Candy without marriage and they will face humiliation. Buzzo returns home. He sees Aman and asks who he is. Aman says that he says that he’s Simran’s ex. He badmouths Simran enraging Buzzo. He claims to be Candy’s father and shows the DNA test as proof.

Tejo reads the DNA reports. She asks how they can believe this test, how he can do DNA test without sample. Aman reminds that Candy went missing for a while that day, he took Candy’s hair for sample. Aman asks Simran to tell the truth. Simran admits that Aman is Candy’s biological father, she did a mistake, but now Candy is their son. Tejo tears up the DNA reports. She says that Candy is Buzzo and Simran’s son and asks him to get out. Aman refuses and provokes Fateh to beat him. Tejo stops Fateh. Buzzo and Fateh forcibly throw Aman out of the house.

Fateh and Buzzo want to file a police complaint against Aman, but Simran refuses fearing that he will snatch Candy from him. Tejo convinces Simran that they have to register police complaint for Candy’s safety. Fateh and Buzzo leave for police station. Later Fateh tells to Tejo over phone that he is still at the police station and it will take time to register the complaint. Jasmine hears this and gets glad that Fateh’s focus is diverted from Tejo for a while. Jasmine comes to Tejo and asks to make pakode for her. Tejo agrees.

Tejo makes another dish which will help with acidity. Jasmine gets unhappy seeing that she didn’t make pakode. She gets her friend’s call. Her friend says that she organized a party and invites Jasmine for that party. Jasmine agrees to come thinking that she will get variety food to eat in the party. She wonders how to attend the party and whom to convince for that.

Fateh and Buzzo return home after registering police complaint against Aman. Simran tells how dangerous and disgusting Aman is. A FB shows Aman torturing Simran. Tejo asks Simran why she didn’t tell family about this. Simran says that she got punished for eloping with Aman and didn’t want to disturb her family. She says that she didn’t have money to return home. She asked him to get money selling money, but he lost that money in playing cards.

She further says that Aman started to beat her when she wanted to return India. She says that she returned India as someone helped her. Tejo says to Simran to not cry as she’s strong to go through so much pain. Simran says that she ran away from him when she got pregnant as she doesn’t want his child to be raised by him. She says that he didn’t return for Aman, but he has some other motive. Tejo and Fateh reassure Simran that they’re with her and will protect her from Aman. Fateh thinks that dealing with Aman is more difficult to deal with Jasmine.

The episode ends.

Precap: Jasmine attends the party tricking the family. Tejo gets worried about Jasmine and shares it with Fateh. In the party Jasmine gets stomach pain and gets hospitalized. Doctor tells Jasmine that she had a miscarriage. Jasmine looks on shocked.

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