Udaariyaan 4th June 2022 Written Update: Gurpreet proposes Fateh’s alliance for Jasmine


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The episode starts with doctor saying to Tanya that they’ve to check Jasmine. Tanya says that she’s pregnant and leaves. Satti asks Tanya how Jasmine is. Tanya assures her that doctor checking her, she will be fine. Virks arrive and asks what happened. Satti says that she fell down the stairs. Doctor comes and says that Jasmine has a sprained leg, but Jasmine and her child are safe. Family feels relieved hearing this. Gurpreet complaints that Sandhus failed to take good care of Jasmine and her child and wishes to take her to the Virks house. Fateh calms Gurpreet down. He says to Sandhus to not take her words in heart. Gurpreet wants to stay with Jasmine in the hospital. Tanya assures her that she will take care of Jasmine and requests her to go home. Gurpreet agrees. Fateh is glad that Gurpreet accepted thinking Tanya is Tejo and worries what if Tanya takes advantage of this.

Jasmine blames herself for failing to take care of her child. Satti gets glad to see Jasmine’s love and care for her child. Satti asks why she wants to abort her child if she loves her child so much. Jasmine says that she doesn’t want to be a single parent and wants a good husband for her and a father for her child. Satti assures her that everything will be fine and hugs her.

Fateh comes to Tanya and taunts her for eating noodles when Jasmine is in the hospital. Tanya says that Jasmine isn’t her own sister and moreover she’s hungry. She says to not provoke her when when she’s hungry. They argue. Fateh asks if Jasmine did it intentionally to get rid off her child. Tanya says that Jasmine would have abort her child, if she wanted to abort her child. Tanya advises Fateh to take a decision soon. She gets Satti’s call and leaves handing the noodles to Fateh. The latter remembers Tejo ans wishes to get Tejo back. He realises that this wish can’t be fulfilled. Meanwhile Tejo is talking with her friend about noodles and says that she makes tasty noodles. She wishes to meet Fateh.

Tanya comes to Jasmine. Jasmine says to Satti to go home as Tejo is with her. Satti leaves. Jasmine asks Tanya to narrate what all happened and how all reacted. Tanya says that they all got worried. Tanya asks if falling down the stairs was a part of her plan. Jasmine gets nervous and wonders what to answer her. She slaps Tanya and asks how she dared to think that she would kill her child. She lashes out at Tanya for having such think about her. She manipulates Tanya. She says that she hurt by doubting her. Tanya apologizes to Jasmine and promises that the next day she will get a good result. Jasmine thinks that Tanya is smart so she has to keep an eye on her. Jasmine asks what she is going to do. Tanya says to leave it to her.

Gurpreet asks Tanya how Jasmine is now. Tanya says that Jasmine isn’t well from inside and says that after Amrik only Fateh can take care of Jasmine. She says that Amrik also asked Fateh to take care of Jasmine. She requests Gurpreet to convince Fateh to marry Jasmine. Gurpreet asks if she’s going to scarifice once again for her sister, she already did fake engagement for Jasmine. Tanya wonders if Tejo is really selfless. Gurpreet is scared to talk to Fateh as he may leave the house. Tanya says to convince Fateh for Amrik and his child’s sake. She assures that she’s saying this for all’s betterment and requests to accept what she’s saying.

Gurpreet dreams of Amrik saying to give Jasmine and his child’s responsibility to Fateh. Gurpreet wakes up shouting Amrik. The morning at Sandhus house family tries to convince Jasmine to have food, but she refuses. Gurpreet comes there and says her to have food. Jasmine says to Tanya to ask Gurpreet why she has come here when she doesn’t care for her. Gurpreet says that she cares, so she came and brought a good news for her. Gurpreet says that she got answer to how to fulfill Jasmine’s condition. She says that she brought Fateh’s alliance for Jasmine shocking all.

The episode ends.

Preacap: Fateh gets ready as groom. Tejo sees the procession of the groom. She runs saying Fateh has come.

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