Udaariyaan 4th March 2023 Written Update: Nehmat learns Harleen and Advait’s relationship truth


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The episode starts with Mallika receives a message from Naaz which is Ekam and Harleen’s. Mallika gets upset. Renuka arrives there and wonders where Harleen is. Harleen arrives there and cries hard. Renuka and Mallika gets worried and asks her what happened. Harleen tells them about Nehmat’s accident also Ekam went to Advait’s house to investigate the case. Mallika expresses her worry for Ekam. Ekam enters the Kapoor’s mansion and accuses Advait for trying to kill Nehmat. Advait calls both Ekam and Nehmat are crazy also accuses of having an affair with Ekam. Advait’s aunt taunts Ekam. Ekam shuts her mouth by questioning Advait badmouthing about his wife. He then asks Advait why he isn’t giving divorce to Nehmat if he thinks his wife is a crazy person. He also taunts him saying in order to maintain his good image that he is even ready to put his family members life at risk and he should be ashamed of it. Advait tells Ekam when Nehmat dies the latter will get framed. He also challenges stating he will kill Nehmat for sure. Shamsher and the family members gets shocked. Shamsher tries to stop Advait but Advait refuses to listen to him. Ekam punches Advait shocking everyone. Shamsher order his men to throw Ekam out of the house. Ekam threatens to not to spare Advait. Shamsher threatens Ekam saying he will not spare him.

Ekam meets his senior officer. The latter expresses his disappointment towards Ekam for his behavior towards Advait. Ekam defends himself saying that Advait tried to kill a girl. The senior officer refuses to listen anything and demands a proof from him for the allegations he is making against Advait. Ekam says he don’t have proof now but soon he will find it. The Senior officer tells him that he have no other option but to suspend him as he is pressurised to do the same from his superiors. He also asks Ekam to not to make any mistakes that will put him in a state to terminate him. Ekam nods okay. He then gives his things to his Superior then leaves the place. Nehmat sees Sury and blames herself for his condition. She also meets his wife and apologises to her. Sury’s wife tells Nehmat it’s not her mistake so asks her to not to blame herself. Nehmat promises to pray for Sury’s recovery then leaves. Harleen suggests to Renuka that she will go and check up on Ekam when she sees the latter is worrying for Ekam. Ekam arrives there and tells it’s not needed. Renuka sees his state and questions him what happened to his uniform. Ekam recalls his suspension. Mallika accuses Nehmat. Ekam reminds her once upon a time they were best friends and he will save Nehmat at any cost then leaves from there.

Ekam recalls everything that happened and starts breaking the things. Harleen watches this from aside and gets upset. She then gets worried seeing Ekam’s bleeding finger so rushes to aid him. Ekam stops her from doing it and then expresses his agony of seeing Nehmat in this state. He also talks about Nehmat’s childhood when she lost her parent’s which turned out to be a planned murder. He also says that Nehmat married Advait for Naaz’s sake. He then says Nehmat sacrifices herself for others happiness also tells her about Advait’s affair with his girlfriend and the way he behaved with Nehmat. He then tells Harleen he will sacrifice his life to save Nehmat. Harleen asks Ekam to not to lose hope because true love will win always. Ekam hugs her and thanks her. Harleen thinks herself this is the right time to reveal Advait’s true face to get him punished. Later Nehmat decides to visit Sury. She reads the news in newspaper in which it states that Harleen and Advait are married already. She gets shocked and recalls her conversation related to Advait regarding his Canadian citizenship VISA. She says how can Advait hide this from her and betray her like this.

The episode ends.

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