Udaariyaan 5th August 2021 Written Update : Amrik helps Jasmine to fail Gippi’s plan


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The episode starts with Tejo gets praises from her colleague who also tells her that when a person loves they will give their loved ones gifts to express their love. Jasmine says to Fateh that she loves him so much and the time they are spending together is not much. Fateh says that he also feels the same. Tejo tells her colleague that Fateh forget his feelings for Jasmine and moved on in his life.

Jasmine asks Fateh that they can go to somewhere for a week together but Fateh tells that they can’t give explanation to their parents. Gippi says that this is their last time meeting together after he exposes them they cant make fool of everyone. Jasmine changes her and Fateh’s name in their mobile so that they can able to talk to each other freely even when they are surrounded by others. Then Jasmine says to Fateh that once Tejo leaves his life forever they dont have to do this all. Fateh thinks about his marriage with Tejo also all the moments he had with her then gets sad.

Jasmine asks the waiter to have only one drink then both Fateh and Jasmine drinks the juice from the same glass. Gippi takes their pictures. Gippi informs Saurabh that he has taken the pictures and he will be there in twenty minutes. Saurabh says that he has to be more cautious because Jasmine is too clever but Gippi asks her to not to worry because he is on his way. Sukhmini tells the family members that they shouldn’t loose hope everything is happening for a reason.

Gurpreet gets happy seeing Tejo gifted her Simran’s picture albums collage. Tejo says to Gurpreet tbat she finds this from store room where she hide it also she knows that day she got angry because of this. Gurpreet says that she herself forget where she kept it also Khushbeer dont want the pictures of Simran iin this house too. Saurabh wonders why Gippis isnt reached the house yet. Gippi comes there and everyone gets shocked.

Abhiraj and Navraj tries to beat him but Saurabh stops them and says that Gippi has a proof that Jasmine went to have lunch with Fateh. Satti asks Saurabh how could she talk like this about Fateh who loves Tejo a lot. Jasmine tells Fateh that they are getting late so they have to leave. Fateh agrees with her. Saurabh says that she is trying to make them understand about Jasmine’s true face also trying to save Tejo’s life and asks Gippi to show his mobile. Gippi searches for his mobile and couldn’t find.

Jasmine enters the house and gets shocked seeing Gippi and asks everyone why he is here. Gippi asks Jasmine to not to act like that she is Innocent because he is going to reveal her true face also she went to have lunch with Fateh right. Jasmine asks her family members why they are not saying anything when both Gippi and Saurabh is trying to prove her as a shameless person. Gippi goes out to take his mobile from the car.

Khushbeer gets angry seeing Simran’s photo album. Tejo tries to stop Khushbeer but he tells her that they both know when a person act selfish what kind of impact happens to the family so asks her to understand his Emotions and feelings then throws the album which breaks into pieces. Gurpreet cries. Fateh comes there and sess the broken album. Gippi says to Sandhu’s that his mobile is not in his car. Jasmine tells for this also not to blame her. Gippi says it’s her who send the guy to take his mobile. Jasmine recalls how she saw Gippi taking pictures of her and Fateh and calls Amrik and tells him that Gippi has their intimate pictures so she wants him to help her get his mobile.

Amrik deliberately hits Gippi’s car and takes the mobile from him and informs Jasminw who asks Amrik to not to see the pictures in the mobile. Rupi asks Abhiraj and Navraj to throw Gippi out if the village. Jasmine cries and says for her mistake do she need to go through all this also asks her family members to not to say Tejo Tejo about this all and leaves the place. Fateh says to Tejo that Khushbeer Khushbeer is stubborn but he will soon accept Simran. Tejo tells it’s not the person it’s the situation which makes the person bad. Fateh tells she is right then says he wanted to be with Jasmine because he can’t able to Forget her. Tejo gets shocked.

The episode ends.