Udaariyaan 5th August 2022 Written Update Jasmine tricks Gurpreet to attend a party


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The episode starts Jasmine putting up an act in front of Gurpreet to go to her friend’s party. Jasmine lies to Gurpreet that her friend, Nikki’s only brother died in a car accident and she’s no one now. Gurpreet sympathizes with her friend and agrees to let Jasmine go to her friend. She wants to accompany her. But Jasmine refuses saying that she doesn’t know how long she will stay there. Gurpreet asks Jasmine to take care of herself and the baby.

In the kitchen Tejo is kneading dough. Fateh comes to her and offers to help her. Tejo says that Fateh even learned to cook in the last nine months. Fateh cuts the capsicums. Tejo and Fateh come close. Fateh feels that he is distracting Tejo instead of helping her so, wants to leave, but Tejo asks him to stay. Fateh asks for whom she’s making vegetables. Tejo says that it’s for Tejo. Fateh looks on. Other hand Jasmine chooses a dress to wear for the party. She puts the dress in a cover and throws it out of the window. She gets excited to go to the party tricking Fateh and Tejo.

Jasmine reach the party venue and meets her friend. Jasmine gets overjoyed to see all her friends. At the Virks in the dinner table, Tejo notifies that Gurpreet isn’t having food. Fateh convinces Gurpreet to have food. He says that he also made food to distract them. Mahi asks where Jasmine is. Tejo says that she will bring her. Gurpreet says that Jasmine went to meet her friend. Tejo asks which friend. Gurpreet says that she forgot the name. Fateh thinks that Jasmine has lot of pretext to go out. At the party Jasmine eats spicy food items. Her friend advises her to not eat such food on pregnancy, but Jasmine refuses to listen to her. She also drinks alcohol ignoring her friends warning to not drink it during pregnancy. Her another friend calls Jasmine. She again ignore her friend’s warning to not dance in pregnancy. She goes to the dance floor and dance.

Tejo gets worried when Jasmine doesn’t answer her calls. She tells Fateh about the same. He reassures Tejo and thinks that Tejo is worried and wonders where Jasmine would be with her friends. At the party Jasmine fights with a girl and angrily goes downstairs. She stumbles and falls down the stairs. She shouts in pain holding her tummy. Her friend comes to help Jasmine. She wants to call Fateh, but Jasmine stops her. Her friend takes Jasmine to the hospital.

In the hospital, Jasmine is worried about her child’s condition as the child is the trump card to get what she wants. She asks her friend to bring the doctor. Jasmine sees Tejo’s many missed calls. She calls Jasmine and says that she’s staying in her friend’s house and will come morning. Tejo tells the same to Gurpreet. Here Jasmine asks doctor if her child is fine. Doctor says that she lost her baby due to heavy internal bleeding, she is no more pregnant. Jasmine gets shocked. She shouts at the doctor and asks her to do something. Doctor says that nothing can be done and leaves. Jasmine cries and laments. Her friend wants to call Tejo. But Jasmine stops her. She scolds her friend and asks her to leave.

The morning Tejo is in call with Rupy and seeks his help in Aman’s matter. Rupy assures to see what he can do. Fateh comes. Gurpreet asks Fateh about Simran. Fateh says that Simran didn’t sleep whole night and was sitting with Candy. He says that he is going to see the inspector to get their complaint update. Just then Aman comes there with the police and accuses the Virks of being criminals

The episode ends.

Precap: Police arrests the Virks. Other hand Jasmine decides to hide her miscarriage from the Virks.

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