Udaariyaan 5th March 2023 Written Update: Nehmat worries about Harleen


Udaariyaan 5th March 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Nehmat gets shocked reading the news about Advait and Harleen’s marraige. Ekam’s superior watches the news about Advait and gets shocked. People around the village also gets shocked seeing the news and questions Advait’s loyalty. Here Sandhu’s reads the newspaper. Swaroop refuses to believe the news. Nehmat recalls Advait’s lies then tells Swaroop it’s not a lie. In Kapoor’s mansion Shamsher asks how come the news gets published. Advait reads the news and recalls his conversation with Nehmat related to his passport and tells it must be Nehmat who published this news and tells his conversation with her. Shamsher scolds him and asks him to do something to handle this situation or else he will lose everything.

In Sandhu’s house Swaroop tells Harleen must be behind all this after all she is Jasmine’s daughter. Satti and Nehmat defends Harleen. Nehmat tells Harleen loves Ekam so the latter will do anything such. Rupy suspects Jasmine saying she must have disliked Ekam so she has done all this. Swaroop agrees but Satti recalls Jasmine’s happiness for Harleen’s marraige so says Jasmine would never do this with Harleen. In Kapoor’s mansion Shamsher asks Naaz to find out whether Nehmat is behind all this or not. Naaz obliges. Meanwhile Nehmat worries about Harleena and decides to contact her then leaves. Satti and Rupy worries for Harleen. Swaroop tells them to be happy for Nehmat as she finally get to know Advait’s truth. Nehmat’s uncle tells Advait and Nehmat’s marriage isn’t legally valid one so they should have to be happy that Nehmat don’t need to fight for her divorce. Rupy and Satti gets happy.

In Kapoor’s mansion Nikhil says to the family members that he don’t think Nehmat is behind all this because instead of doing all Nehmat would have used this to get divorce from Advait. The family members receives continuous calls from the media and worries how to respond. Nehmat calls Harleen and gets worried when the latter didn’t answered the call. Rupy and Satti informs her that she is finally free from Advait. Nehmat gets happy and hugs Rupy. She then recalls Harleen’s conversation with her and says that she has to talk to Harleen at any cost. In Randhawa’s house Ekam comes home and sees Renuka and Mallika is preparing for his wedding. Renuka makes Advait sit with them. Mallika and Ekam argues.

The news reporter talks about Advait and Harleen’s marraige shocking all three of them. Renuka and Mallika accuses Nehmat saying she must be behind all this. In Kapoor’s house Shamsher tells Advait that the latter ended his political career and taunts him. Advait tries to speak but Shamsher slaps him and warns him to not to anything and he will handle the situation. Here in the news Harleen and Advait’s marriage certificate is shown. Mallika gets shocked. Renuka refuses to believe any of this. Ekam asks her not to accuse Nehmat for everything then tells he knows who done this then leaves.

Reporter’s arrives at the Kapoor’s mansion. Despite Rama’s effort to stop him Advait goes out. Reporter’s questions him and Shamsher whether the news is true or not. Advait tells them it’s a trap. A women organization head arrives there and warns Advait. She also suspects that Nehmat must have known this truth that’s why Advait tried to prove her crazy. The reporter’s agrees with the women and questions Advait. Advait decides not to spare whoever is behind all this. Ekam recalls his conversation with Harleen also the latter threatened Advait indirectly. He thinks himself Harleen should answer all his questions. Harleen arrives there. She hesitates but goes to Ekam. Ekam takes Harleen with him somewhere. Harleen remains silent. Nehmat calls Harleen then worries that Ekam may hurt Harleen with his outburst. She hope’s nothing such happen.

The episode ends.

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