Udaariyaan 5th October 2022 Written Update: Nehmat and Ekam separate


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The episode starts with Rupy saying to Nehmat that she shouldn’t meet Ekam hereafter and asks her to end her relationship with him and forget him. Nehmat is shocked to hear this. She asks if he talked to Ekam and he said something. Rupy denies. Nehmat cries. She says that Rupy knows how important Ekam is to her yet why he wants her not to meet Ekam. Nehmat demands an answer from Rupy. The latter says that Ekam’s dad is against their relationship. Nehmat is stunned to hear this. She wonders why Jay is against their relationship and asks if Ekam knows this. Rupy says that he doesn’t know about it, but Jay clearly said that he won’t let Ekam marry Nehmat. He wants Ekam to marry a girl from a rich family. Rupy says that he can’t see Nehmat in pain and wants only her happiness matters to him, so he requests her to forget Ekam as soon as possible. Nehmat bursts into tears. 

Rupy cries remembering Jay’s words against Nehmat. Meanwhile, Nehmat takes her phone to call Ekam, but she throws it after remembering Rupy’s words. Rupy says that Nehmat completely became silent after Fateh-Tejo’s death. Ekam brought happiness back to Nehmat’s life. Rupy decides not to let Nehmat marry Ekam after hearing Jay. Nehmat cries and looks at her parents’ photo. She asks Fateh what to do. She remembers him saying to practice punching to vent out her hanger. She punches the mattress wearing the boxing glow. Naaz finds Nehmat crying and asks what happened. Nehmat says nothing and goes into the washroom. Naaz gets suspicious that something has happened. 

Shamsher and Advait are drinking alcohol and discuss Nehmat. The goon assures Advait that he threatened Jay, so he will separate Nehmat and Ekam. Advait remembers Nehmat arguing with him. He asks them not to celebrate too early and asks them to keep a close watch on them. The next morning, Nehmat meets Ekam and tells him about Jay not wanting her as his daughter-in-law just because she’s not from a rich family. Ekam denies this and says that there must be a misconception. Nehmat says that his dad behaved weirdly whenever she met him. Ekam recalls Jay asking him to stay away from Nehmat and stop investigating about Fateh-Tejo’s accident. Ekam assures Nehmat to find out why his dad said so. Nehmat wonders why Jay hates her so much and refuses to marry Ekam without his father’s permission. She cries hard. Ekam tries to assure her that he will talk to Jay.

Nehmat says that she can’t go against Rupy’s words. She says that he was shattered after talking with Jay, so the matter is big. She had never seen him like this before. She says that even now she met him without Rupy’s knowledge, which she had never done before. She says that nothing can happen now. She says that she ends her relationship with him and walks away. Ekam stops Nehmat and reminds Nehmat that they have always solved every problem together and assures her to solve it too. However, Nehmat ends her relationship with him and leaves crying. Ekam gets furious that Nehmat left him for her family’s sake. Varun smiles seeing Ekam and Nehmat’s painful separation. 

The episode ends. 

Precap: Ekam says to Jay that he will bear the separation from Nehmat, but he will find the truth at any cost. Nehmat is praying, crying. Advait comes and stands next to Nehmat. 

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