Udaariyaan 6th January 2022 Written Update: Virks learns that Rupy hid Fateh and Jasmine’s fake marriage truth from them


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The episode starts with Fateh arriving at the Cheesecake Café. He says that Mayi isn’t attending the call. The waiter asks what he wants to order. Fateh says that he is waiting for someone. Teji arrives and sits in the other side table wondering where Dilraj is. A kid arrives holding  heart shaped balloons. The kid is about to fall. Fateh and Tejo notice this and run and cath the kid. The kid’s dad thanks them and takes the kid. Fateh says to Tejo that he isn’t following her and has come as Mayi and Amrit called him. Tejo says that her brothers called her here. They realize it was their siblings plan to make them meet. Tejo is about leave. Fateh says that he will leave.

 A waiter tells them that there’s New Year offer here for couples and he will get points if they order something. Fateh agrees. Dilraj, Mayi and Amrit are watching Tejo and Fateh from outside the café through binoculars. Fateh and Tejo sat together and ordered coffee. Fateh is about to say something, but Tejo asks him to not say anything. Fateh thinks of making Tejo smile. Fateh tells Tejo about an anecdote from the place where he worked as driver and Tejo laughs. Fateh gets happy. He goes apart on the pretext of going to the washroom and notes in his diary that this is Tejo’s 10th smile of the day. Jasmine arrives at the same Café and spots Tejo. Jasmine goes to Tejo.

 Tejo is surprised on seeing Jasmine and gets up to leave, but Jasmine stops her and says that she can’t get rid off her. Tejo asks where she’s staying here. Jasmine says that she’s not staying at her parents house since Tejo is leaving there and Tejo doesn’t want she comes there. Jasmine cries and says that her family cares only for Tejo and no one is with her neither her family nor her love, when shecame on the road, she realised who are her own and who are her enemies. Jasmine confidenly says that Fateh will come back to her. Tejo says that she doesn’t want Fateh and asks Jasmine to keep Fateh. Tejo walks out of the café. Jasmine thinks of annoying Fateh now. Fateh comes back to the table and wonders where Tejo is. He hears band baaja sound and goes to check and sees Jasmine dancing with band baaja.

 Jasmine says that Fateh is their groom and continues to dance. Fateh asks them to stop and asks the band bhaaja to go as Jasmine is mad. Jasmine mocks Fateh and asks whe he is marrying Tejo. She asks them to continue to play. Fateh warns them not to play. Jasmine sends them. Fateh asks where Tejo is. Jasmine says that Tejo knows that she doesn’t have place when she is here. Fateh goes to look for Tejo, but Jasmine stops him saying that he can neither get Tejo’s love nor forgiveness. Fateh says that he knows how to win Tejo’s love. Jasmine says that she has  a plan for it. Fateh says that she can’t fool me now and adds that he knows how to do it and leaves.

Tejo is sad recalling Jasmine’s words. Rupy brings food for Tejo. Tejo tries to convince Rupy to bring Jasmine home back, but Rupy firmly says that he won’t let her come back here. He asks how Tejo knows that Jasmine is alone. Tejo says that she met her today. Rupy asks if Jasmine hurt her again. Tejo says that she can’t hurt more than what did already. Rupy says that Jasmine has come with some plan. Tejo requests Fateh to forgive Jasmine and brings her home. Rupy is surprised that Tejo still cares for Jasmine. Tejo hugs Rupy. The latter wonders what Jasmine is up to.

The morning Rupy meets Sweety and asks about Jasmine’s whereabouts. Sweety says that she doesn’t know. Rupy goes to check in lodge. He spots Jasmine in a beauty parlour. Rupy drags Jasmine out of the parlour and  confronts her. He asks what is her plan, he is her father and knows her better. Jasmine says that he isn’t her father and asks to give his lectures to Tejo. Rupy says to kill him if she wants revenge and begs to spare Tejo. He asks Jasmine to take her revenge on Fateh as he broke her dream by burning the passport. Fateh told him everything. Simran overhears their conversation and informs to her family. Gurpreet asks why Rupy hid this truth from them. Kushbeer says that Rupy has to answer to him.

The episode ends

Precap: Kushbeer confronts Rupy and they both fight. Tejo and Fateh arrive there and try to stop them.

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