Udaariyaan 7th July 2022 Written Update: Rupy takes a shocking decision


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The episode starts with Tejo playing with toys and Satti and Rupy getting emotional seeing Tejo. Satti thanks God that Tejo returned home safe and sound. Rupy asks Fateh where he found Tejo. Fateh tells about what had happened. He says that he doesn’t know what would have happened if he hadn’t reached to Tejo in time. Kushbeer says that nothing can happen with Tejo until Fateh is with her. Gurpreet says that it’s about Tejo’s safety now and asks who can give the guarantee that this incident won’t repeat in the future. Fateh reads in the newspaper about the person who had kidnapped Tejo and learns that he is criminal who escaped from the jail. All gets shocked learning about the same. Jasmine says that the criminal could have sold Tejo.

Fateh cries hugging Kushbeer and says that he couldn’t be able to forgive himself if anything happened to Tejo today. Kushbeer says that nothing happened and says that they will talk about what to do the next day. Fateh puts Tejo to sleep. Tejo gets stubborn to meet Fateh’s friends again the next. Fateh shouts that they won’t meet them again and angrily asks who told her to go with them. Tejo says that they told that they’re his friends. Tejo cries. Fateh says sorry to Tejo and reminds her to not go with anyone else than him.

Jasmine gets upset that Tejo returned home. Just then Lovely comes to Jasmine and says that she heard Rupy and Satti’s conversation. She says that they’re planning to send Tejo to the mental asylum and Rupy is going to talk about it to Fateh. Jasmine gets happy, but pretends to cry. Lovely asks her to not cry and leaves. Jasmine dances out of happiness and says that now no one can stop her from marrying Fateh.

Rupy apologizes to Fateh for not being able to take care of Tejo. He further says that Gurpreet is right and sending Tejo to the mental asylum is the best option for Tejo shocking Fateh. Satti also agrees with Rupy. However Rupy leaves the final decision to Fateh as he is taking care of Tejo being her father and mother. Fateh looks at Tejo who is sleeping crying. Later Kushbeer also agrees with Rupy’s decision and says to Fateh to think about Tejo’s wellbeing and decide. Fateh leaves crying. Gurpreet heards this getting emotional. Gurpreet comes to Kushbeer and says that he took the right decision. Kushbeer says that he cares for Tejo so he took this decision, but Gurpreet considers Tejo an obstacle in Fateh’s life. He angrily walks away. Gurpreet cries and says that Tejo isn’t Fateh’s future. Rupy and Satti cry and wonder why it’s all happening with them. Gurpreet prays to God for Tejo.

Fateh punches the bag venting out his anger. He shouts Tejo. Gurpreet comes to Fateh and sees that his knuckles are bleeding. She says that hurting himself isn’t a solution and time doesn’t wait for someone. Fateh says that he can’t make his life away from him. Gurpreet says that Fateh has to decide which life he wants for Tejo and he has to decided by tonight. She leaves. Fateh’s alter ego appears and says that true love isn’t keeping Tejo with him, but also going away for one’s betterment. He reminds Tejo’s kidnapping. Fateh screams and cries his heart out. Mahi and Smiran come to him and console him. Gurpreet sees this and thinks that maybe Fateh decided to send Tejo to the mental asylum so he is in so much pain. She fears to lose Fateh in this.

The next morning Jasmine rejoices that her plan worked. Tejo happily gets ready for the picnic. Jasmine asks Lovely why Fateh suddenly planned this picnic. Lovely says that she doesn’t. Fateh comes. Fateh sends Tejo to get a duppata. Tejo leaves. Fateh requests the family to be happy forgetting all the recent happenings. Tejo gets the duppata. Fateh ties one end around his wrist another on Tejo’s wrist. Fateh says to Tejo to not go away from him. Tejo dances like monkey to apologize to Fateh. Fateh stops her and says that he’s not angry with her. Jasmine feels pity that Fateh takes Tejo tying like a dog. Lovely says to Jasmine to worry about herself and asks if Fateh will agree to send Tejo to the mental asylum. Jasmine gets thoughtful.

The episode ends.

Precap: Tejo is happily dancing. Fateh gets emotional on seeing her happy. Fateh asks Tejo if she wants to meet Amma. Tejo agrees. Fateh takes Tejo to Amma.

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