Udaariyaan 7th March 2023 Written Update: Nehmat rejects Ekam’s proposal


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The episode starts with Ekam congratulates Nehmat for her freedom from Advait. Nehmat takes the flowers and thanks him. Ekam calls Rupy and Satti. Nehmat tells Ekam her grandparent’s went to meet Sury. She also stops Ekam from playing musics. She then inquires him about Harleen and expresses her worry for her. Other side Jasmine scolds Harleen and tells her to snatch her love. Harleen defends her actions and says that she freed someone’s love then disconnects the line. Meanwhile Ekam tells Nehmat that he don’t want to think about anyone else other than her. Nehmat asks Ekam that she is confused about whatever happened. She also says that she wants to meet Harleen.

Ekam reveals that it’s Harleen who disclosed Advait and her marriage relationship to the media. Nehmat gets shocked. She then tells may be Advait must have threatened Harleen so she must have hide it from them all. Ekam tells that he agreed to marry Harleen just because she told him. He also informs her that he broke his engagement with Harleen. He then expresses his happiness to her that finally they both got another opportunity to be together with one another and he won’t loose this one. He also tells Nehmat the importance of her presence in his life. He then says that she has to listen to him then goes on his knees and says I Love You Nehmat. Nehmat looks on.

Nehmat recalls Harleen’s conversation with her. She then asks Ekam what is he doing this. Harleen loves him so much. Even after she knows that he can’t love her back she agreed to marry him and how could he now reject her like this. Ekam tells Nehmat they both are meant to be each other so asks her to accept his proposal. Nehmat thinks herself that just like Ekam she waited for them to reunite again. She then recalls Renuka’s words so she rejects Ekam’s proposal saying they can’t be together. She further thanks him for his help till date. Ekam challenges Nehmat to look in his eyes and reject him. Nehmat does the same. Ekam gets hurt but he tells Nehmat that he knows her well that Nehmat loves him as much as he loves her. He will wait for her to accept him back and won’t pressurise her to do it then leaves the place.

Nehmat cries holding the flowers. Satti Rupy and Swaroop returns home. Swaroop asks Nehmat why Ekam came to their house. Nehmat tells Ekam came here to congratulate her for her freedom. She then leaves saying she will return home soon. Satti and Rupy looks sad. Nehmat on her way in auto rickshaw recalls the promise she made to Renuka and gets determined to fulfill it.

Harleen meets Renuka and pleads her to give her a chance to explain her side once. Renuka shouts at her and tells Harleen that she betrayed her. She then threatens to file a case on her if she don’t leave. Harleen gets hurt then leaves. Nehmat reaches Harleen’s house but sees it’s locked and wonders where she went. Harleen arrives there. They both stares at one another. Later Harleen tells Nehmat that she and Advait married because the latter needed Canadian citizenship. Jasmine helped Advait. They never were a couple. Nehmat asks Harleen why did she disclosed this truth to media. Is anyone threatened her? Harleen says no. She then tells Nehmat that Ekam may agreed to marry her but he was never her’s as he belongs to Nehmat only. Nehmat tells Harleen that she and Ekam can never be together again so pleads Harleen to marry Ekam.

Harleen accepts her request but says she wants to play a game with him and says Rainbow, Boxing, Freedom and Love. Nehmat answers who the words represents for her. For Love she stops herself from taking Ekam’s name and tells Rupy instead. She also says the time has been changed. Harleen makes a promise to Nehmat that she will convince Renuka so asks Nehmat to accept Ekam back. Nehmat hugs Harleen.

Precap: Advait gets shocked learning through Naaz it’s Harleen who revealed his marriage truth to the media. He decides not to spare here. Here Nehmat tells Ekam that they have to protect Harleen from Advait. Advait leaves his house without anyone’s knowledge. He then sees Harleen with Rupy and gets furious.

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