Udaariyaan 8th June 2022 Written Update: Fateh agrees to marry Jasmine


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The episode starts with Jasmine asking Gurpreet to keep Amrit’s things safely as she doesn’t have anything related to Amrit. Gurpreet reminds her that she has Amrik’s child and requests her to not abort her child. Jasmine says that if Fateh really cares for this child, he will agree to marry her by himself. Fateh starts thinking on hearing this. Jasmine is glad that her drama is having its effects on Fateh.

At the ashram Tanya meets her mother and tries to feed food to her. Tanya’s mother doesn’t recognize Tanya and thinks that she’s a new caretaker. Tanya says to her that her daughter name is Tanya. She refuses to believe that she has a daughter as in that case she won’t let her stay here. Tanya thinks in mind that she will soon take her from here. She asks for water. Tanya goes to get it. Tejo is hiding there and asks Tanya to give her some water. She says to Tanya to give it without seeing her else she will get caught. Tanya obliges. Tejo returns the glass after drinking the water. She says her to leave. Tanya walks away.

Tanya comes back to her mother taking water and finds her asleep. Tanya looks at her mother emotionally before leaving. Tejo hugs Tanya from behind and thanks her for helping her. Her one earring gets stuck in Tanya’s dupatta. The latter turns around and sees Tejo running. Other side Fateh is wondering how he can marry Jasmine. The latter phones Tanya and instructs her to call Fateh and tell him as she’s saying. Tanya agrees.

The caretaker asks Tejo where her one earring. She takes her to give her new one. At the Virks house Gurpreet says that she will keep Amrik’s things safely and will give his child them. She hopes that Fateh will agree to marry Jasmine. Fateh watches this. Tanya calls Fateh and says that Jasmine has gone to the hospital and she may abort her child. Mahi sees Fateh going in hurry. She stops him and asks what the matter is. Fateh says that Jasmine has gone to the hospital and says to not tell this matter to anyone in the family. He drives off.

Fateh reaches the hospital and comes into the doctor’s cabin. Fateh says that he wants to talk to Jasmine. Doctor leaves. Unaware of Jasmine’s plan, Fateh tries to stop Jasmine from aborting her child, but in vain. Jasmine stays in firm hoping that Fateh will stop her. Fateh says that he can’t interfere in her decision, but he can’t give what she wants. Jasmine gets upset. She asks doctor to take her to OT. She requests doctor to let hear to her child’s heartbeat for the last time before that. Doctor asks what is the need when she wants to abort it. Jasmine says that she’s aborting not by wish but feeling helpless. At the Virks, Gurpreet gets to know that Jasmine went to the hospital and gets adamant to go there. Family stops her.

Fateh cries remembering Gurpreet and Jasmine’s words. He hears the baby’s heart beats. In the ashram Tejo is telling about Fateh. Kamal hugs her saying that she’s like her sister. Tejo reacts angrily and says that sister is bad. Here Jasmine talks to her baby and apologizes for going to abort her. There Tejo creates a scene. She shouts that sister is bad. Caretaker tries to calm Tejo down. Tanya sees this from far, but she can’t see Tejo’s face. Here Jasmine says to the doctor to take to the OT.

Fateh looks on hearing remembering Jasmine, Amrik and Gurpreet’s words. He stops the doctor and says to Jasmine that he wants to talk to her. He takes Jasmine from there. Jasmine says Fateh to leave her. She says that she made her decision and won’t change it. Fateh says that he agrees to marry her if it’s the only way to save her child. Jasmine says that it’s lifetime commitment, she won’t be alive if he leaves her child in the middle and asks him to think and decide. Fateh says that this is his final decision and promises to give everything her child needs.

The episode ends.

Precap: Fateh says to Jasmine that they have to tell family about Tanya. Other side Tanya gets stunned on seeing Tejo.

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