Udaariyaan 9th February 2023 Written Update: Ekam searches for Nehmat in Kapoor’s house


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The episode starts with Harleen finding Ekam fallen asleep, hugging Nehmat’s duppata. She wishes that Ekam loves her as much as he loves Nehmat. She promises to herself to try to remove pain from his life and fill it with love. Harleen says to Renuka that Ekam might be tired,so he slept. She takes leave. Renuka praises Harleen and is happy that Ekam started to give attention to her. Mallika agrees with Renuka and says that Ekam needs a girl like Harleen. The latter, who has returned to take her hand bag that she forgot, hears this and is surprised that Mallika’s opinion about her has changed all of a sudden.

The next morning, Ekam meets a police officer whom he has asked to trace Advait and Nehmat’s phones. The officer says to Ekam that Advait’s phone had been turned on for a while the previous day and its location was Kapoor’s house. Ekam is shocked to understand that Advait and Nehmat are in Kapoor’s house. Ekam rushes to Kapoor’s house. Meanwhile, Advait is scared that his political career will be ruined if Nehmat tells his truth to the world. He decides to kill her. He removes Nehmat’s oxygen mask and puts a pillow on her face to suffocate her. Just then, Ekam arrives at Kapoor’s house. Shamsher stops Advait from killing Nehmat and scolds him. He says that Ekam has come here and he will kill him if he finds it. Rama arrives there and says to Shamsher to come as she is unable to answer Ekam’s question.

Ekam says to Shamsher that he found out that Nehmat and Advait are in Kapoor’s house and says that he wants to search the house. He notices that Rama becomes nervous after hearing this. Rama says that everyone in the house has gone out. Ekam asks then why they both didn’t go.Shamsher warns Ekam and reminds him that he used to work as Advait’s bodyguard. Ekam gives him a befitting reply to Shamsher. The latter asks Ekam if he has a search warrant. Ekam says that he doesn’t need it. He challenges him to stop her. Ekam goes inside the house with his police team. He beats the bodyguard who tries to stop him. He warns Shamsher not to try to stop him. He goes inside the house and searches for Nehmat.

Nehmat hears Ekam calling out to her. She cries and whispers Ekam’s name. Advait grows anxious and wonders where the nurse is to silence Nehmat. Here, Shamsher threatens Ekam that he will call IG to complain about him. Ekam gives his phone to Shamsher asking him to call the IG. He blackmails Shamsher to ruin Advait’s political career by revealing the truth about Advait in the media if he tries to stop him. Shamsher asks Ekam what he knows. Ekam says that he knows a third person was there in the farm house and says that he will find that person at any cost. Ekam continues to search the whole house for Nehmat with his police team. Shamsher asks Rama to call Advait and alert him so that Ekam doesn’t find Nehmat.

On the other hand, Renuka is angry that Ekam is still after Nehmat. She expresses it to Harleen. The latter asks Renuka to give Ekam some time. Here, Rama warns Ekam not to mess up with Shamsher, else he will end up losing his job. Ekam says to Rama that she should be ashamed to let wrong happen to Nehmat. Shamsher phones Advait and asks him to hide Nehmat somehow from Ekam. He scolds Advait when the latter says that he has come to another room to talk to him. Shamsher asks Advait to go to Nehmat immediately. Advait agrees.

Ekam is searching in a room. Nehmat gets up with difficulty and makes the glass kept on the table fall. Ekam hears this. Rama tries to divert him by pretending that she dropped the vessel. But Ekam says that it’s not the noise I heard. In the basement, after a lot of difficulty, Nehmat gets up from bed and is about to shout. But Advait closes her mouth. Here, Ekam notices a carpet and is about to lift it and find the way to the basement. But a constable says to Ekam that they didn’t find anything despite searching through the whole house. Ekan gets dejected and walks out of the house. He notices the basement window and asks Shamsher what it’s. He goes to check it despite Shamsher trying to stop him.

The episode ends.

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