Udaariyaan 9th June 2022 Written Update: Jasmine prevents Fateh from telling the truth to the family


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The episode begins with Fateh returning home sad followed by Jasmine. Gurpreet smiles on seeing Jasmine. Fateh says that Amrik’s child will born in this house and he will call him as father. Kushbeer comes there and asks what is happening in this house. Fateh says to Kushbeer that he made this decision after thinking lot. Jasmine imagines of dancing out of happiness. Gurpreet asks Jasmine if Fateh is saying the truth. Jasmine confirms that Fateh is saying the truth and he brought her here so that she can give birth to her child here. Fateh says that he agreed to marry Jasmine and Amrik’s child will stay here. Gurpreet gets happy while Kushbreet is surprised that Fateh, who can never marry anyone else than Tejo, agreed to marry Jasmine. There Tanya is glad that Amrik’s child got a father.

Fateh locks himself in the room and cries. He asks why Tejo left him, now he has to marry someone against his wish. He says that only Tejo is in his heart and cries. Kamal and caretaker ask Tejo why she seems sad. Tejo says that she feels sad without reason. Her friends try to cheer her up saying that they should make arrangements for Tejo and Fateh’s wedding which will take place the next day.

Kushbeer asks Fateh if he is sacrificing for Amrik. Fateh says that this is his responsibility towards his brother. Kushbeer asks if he is happy with his decision. Fateh says that his connection with happiness left with Tejo. He says that he is forced to marry Jasmine, but he can never forget Tejo. There Tejo also feels sad for no reason. Kamal thinks that Tejo loves Fateh lot and hopes that he also loves her that much.

Jasmine rejoices that Fateh agreed to marry her. She says that she will take Fateh to Canada after their wedding as after along with Fateh Canada is also her dream. Tanya says to the Sandhus that Jasmine won’t harm her child hereafter as Fateh agreed to marry her. She says to Dadi to not cry as she’s happy. Rupy says that Tejo isn’t happy. He blames himself for the current situation and regrets of not understanding Fateh and Tejo’s love earlier.

Tanya’s mother sees Tejo and says that she’s Tanya, her daughter, she waited for her the previous day and asks why she didn’t come. The caretaker comes to take her. Tejo asks who she’s. The caretaker says that she stays here, she is ill, she forgets things. Tejo assures her that her daughter will come to take her and Fateh too.

Jasmine asks Fateh why he called her here, if he changed his decision. Fateh says that he made a decision and no one can change it. Jasmine thinks that she knows only Tejo can change it, but she’s no more. Jasmine says that they should call the priest to fix the marriage date as Gurpreet wants this marriage to happen soon. Fateh agrees. He says that they should tell their families about Tanya’s truth before the marriage. Jasmine tries to convince him to tell after the marriage. Fateh says that Rupy and Kushbeer are sad with this marriage and don’t understand why Tejo agreed to this, so if they tell the truth, they will get answer for all their questions. Jasmine says that Tanya isn’t here. Fateh says that this is good and drives off to tell the truth Jasmine doesn’t want families know this truth now and wonders what to do. Meanwhile in the ashram Tejo gets angry that her friends didn’t call the priest or get her ready as bride for her wedding with Fateh. She calls out the caretaker.

Fateh returns home. Tejo’s parents are there too to discuss wedding date. Fateh says that he wants to tell them something. Fateh begins to speak, but Jasmine stops him and says that they have decided to get married after four days shocking Fateh. In the ashram Tanya comes there bringing clothes for her mother. She gets shocked on seeing Tejo shouting Fateh’s name. She says that this is Tejo.

The episode ends.

Precap: Caretaker calms down Tejo saying that she will make her speak to Fateh by calling him. Tejo says Fateh. The latter sits getting shocked.

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