Udaariyaan 9th March 2022 Written Update: Jasmine gets threatened


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The episode starts with Tejo finding Dara. Fateh asks whom she’s looking for. Tejo says that she felt someone was observing them standing outside the ICU and she heard someone enquiry about Jasmine in the reception and wonders who it could be. Fateh says that she is worried for Jasmine and maybe imagining things. At Sandhu’s house, Dilraj says that they should celebrate Tejo’s birthday in their house. Rupy says that he doubts that Tejo will come back home leaving Jasmine in this state. Dilraj says that Tejo promised them and she never breaks her promises. Rupy agrees with Dilraj. He calls Tejo to know how Jasmine is. Tejo says that Jasmine is fine and adds that she remembers her promise. Later Fateh and Tejo discuss Jasmine. Tejo says that Jasmine can have change of heart seeing Amrik’s care for her. Tejo further says that they should talk to Jasmine once she gets well, maybe she will tell them the truth. Fateh says that he has to find whom Jasmine gave money. Dara hears their conversation and thinks that he should be careful with Fateh.

In the late night Fateh comes to Tejo’s room and does Tejo’s wounds dressing. Tejo feels nervous and hugs Fateh. Fateh applies ointment on her bruises. Fateh remembers Tejo doing his wounds dressing in the past. Fateh goes to wash his hand. Tejo receives Angad’s call. Angad jokes in order to make Tejo smiles. Fateh sees this and gets jealous. Tejo thanks Fateh for doing her dressing. He leaves.

Biji says to Tejo that she cursed Jasmine and regretted hearing her accident. Tejo says that Jasmine called her first after gaining consciousness and she might had a change of heart. Mahi says that Jasmine must be acting. She asks if Jasmine can’t stay for some more time in the hospital when Fateh mentions about Jasmine’s discharging. Biji says to Mahi to learn on seeing Tejo how to love everyone.

Fateh and Tejo overhears Biji and Kushbeer conversation and learn that Kushbeer’s MLA seat for election was given to another politician. Tejo says to Fateh that they to do something for Kushbeer as this election can be a come back for him. Fateh agrees.

Tejo is taking care of Jasmine. The nurse asks her to go out for a while. She goes to Amrik and asks him to go home and rest. Tejo receives Buzo’s call. Buzo tells about finding the person whom Jasmine gave money. Tejo says that it’s not necessary as she feels that Jasmine will the truth by herself. Dara is hiding waiting to get an opportunity to meet Jasmine. Tejo goes to meet the doctor.

Tejo smiles on seeing Angad with the kids. Other side Dara goes to meet Jasmine. The latter looks shocked on seeing him. Here Angad says that today’s children ward inauguration and he has come to take part and feels good being with the kids. There Dara asks Jasmine to give his money else he will expose her to the family. Here Angad takes Tejo’s leave. There Jasmine’s health gets worse. Dara gets scared and runs away. Tejo comes back and sees Dara leaving. Tejo doubts if he has come to harm Jasmine. She goes after him.

Meanwhile doctors treat Jasmine. The latter thinks that maybe Tejo has gone after Dara and gets scared that she will learn the truth. Tejo asks the man to stop, but he drives off. Tejo gets determined to find who he is. That Angad arrives there in his car. Tejo asks him to follow that man. Fateh sees Tejo going with Angad in car and wonders where she’s going.

The episode ends.

Precap: Fateh says to Jasmine that he saw Tejo going with Angad in car and asks if it’s not any of her plan. Tejo and Angad are following Dara and see him entering into a house.

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